10 amazing drone videos you must see

Drone pilots come in all shapes and sizes. You have the home droners who just like to take some shots now and then, and you have the professional drone pilots who even make it a sport to fly as risky as possible. As long as it produces great images, of course. We selected 10 amazing drone videos that you – whether you fly yourself or not – must have seen.

1. Dutch Drone Gods

Yes, sorry, but we can’t make this article without mentioning the Dutch Drone Gods. In a highly animated video from Red Bull you can see how crazy good those men really are. Drones are a sport.

2. Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin

When you think of drones, you may quickly think of the Zaanse Schans, bulb fields and snowboarders, but you can of course also make very cool drone images in a factory, for example. Tesla proves that with its very professional-looking drone video from the brand new Gigafactory in Berlin.

3. Las Vegas from all sides

Some drone images can only be described as dizzying and that certainly applies to those of Las Vegas, in which you miss the most iconic attractions there. Very cool, but you shouldn’t have just eaten. This video was made by JohnnyFPV and you are going to see more videos of that in this article: he is a living drone legend.

4. Moscow: to get emotional

Maybe it’s the music, the gray skies, or just Moscow itself, but the images shared by Timelab Pro of Moscow are truly breathtaking.

5. On safari

Johnny FPV makes such beautiful drone images: he knows so well how to visualize how fantastically beautiful the world can be: this video in which he takes us on safari around the world is a good example of that. ‘The sky is not the limit’, he called it.

6. A year in the life of a drone pilot

Another very cool drone pilot to keep an eye on is MinChan Kim from South Korea. In his reel about the year 2020, we could see how special his year must have been, given the great images he shot. No punishment at all to be able to enjoy it in this way.

7. Abandoned buildings

Urbexing means taking photos and videos in abandoned buildings, sometimes already half taken over by nature. One of the best drone pilots in the world, Charpu, knows what to do with that. This video may be a little less visually great in quality, but the tight holes and turns he dares to take make this video even more worthwhile.

8. A mini vacation to Indonesia

Drones can reach places that are difficult for us humans to reach. Helicopters make way too much wind and many other means of transport are not possible in some places. This amazing promotional video by Nathan McBride for one of the largest drone brands in the world, DJI, shows that you can take a drone to new heights in multiple areas. We also call it: a mini-holiday to Indonesia.

9. An original corporate video

We just showed you the video of the Tesla factory in Germany, but Axon can do it too. This is really a corporate video 2.0 (maybe even 3.0). The drone pilot who made this piece of cinema, Jay Christensen, shows that even a ‘dull’ IT company is much more than that. You just have to (dare to) film it well.

10. Champions in Argentina

On the one hand it is a bit painful for Orange football fans to see, but on the other hand these images – and that sound! – are so overwhelming that we couldn’t resist sharing these drone images. Even though with all those crowds it is a ‘don’t try this at home’. By the way, if you plan to do more with drones, read our drone tips for beginners.

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