​10 fun tweets about Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 car

This weekend the Formula 1 race takes place at the Silverstone circuit and it promises to be another great race. An extra special even, because Brad Pitt is present. Not just as a celebrity guest (which we see more often these days), but to shoot a movie for Apple. But the car in which he drives, it is already being ridiculed on the internet.

Brad Pitt Formula 1 car

Brad Pitt’s car is referred to as a Duracell battery on wheels, which is partly due to its bronze color schemes. Apple showed off the car to hype for the upcoming movie. In addition, not only is Formula 1 itself a reason to hype, or Brad Pitt, but also the fact that it is directed by Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski helps with the hype. And the fact that the Nigerian Damson Idris is in it completes the picture.

But yes, that car looks a bit crazy, that only makes it more fun. Brad Pitt plays in the film namely former F1 driver Sonny Hayes who is going to help a young driver and returns to racing especially for this. Hayes is a fictional character and so is his racing team: APXGP. That also makes it nice that the race car loosens the tongues: it is just not real, and that makes it cool. The film has no title yet, but important shots must be made at Silverstone in between training sessions in the coming days. The fake team even has its own paddock.

Help from Hamilton

The car is not an F1 car, but an F2 car that has been slightly modified. The Mercedes team has modified the chassis by making the wheelbase longer and some parts have been added to give the car a more formula 1 look. The car does have room for 15 cameras, because it is of course about the images. Top driver Lewis Hamilton is involved in the film as an advisor, to ensure that Formula 1 is portrayed as realistically as possible: something that often proves difficult to portray. There are few films that have managed to convey the sport well, but the expertise of the seven-time world champion can certainly help.

The car of Brad Pitt and Damson Idris is black and gold and that makes the tongues loose. Some see it as a Has: others just a Duracell battery. See the best jokes and jokes about the car below:


The still untitled film is expected in theaters at the end of 2024 (and after a month on Apple TV +, Apple’s streaming service).

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