10 things that are really useful about iOS 16

Another major update for iPhones has been released this week, namely the update iOS 16.4. It makes an operating system that was already quite solid in its shoes even better. But, what makes iOS 16 so pleasant to use? We list 10 things.

1. The option to ‘unsend’ messages in Messages

Although we use WhatsApp a lot, there are plenty of iPhone users who like to use Messages between themselves (with other iPhone users, because it doesn’t work very well with Android). Within Messages you can adjust typos, something that we still have to miss on WhatsApp. Too bad, because it would be so handy and save so many PLING’s if you could just correct a spelling mistake yourself. On WhatsApp, you must then immediately delete your message, with all the questions that follow. Messages takes a better approach in that regard.

2. Use a large arsenal of emoji

Apple often keeps the emoji pretty well up to date and that means that since the 16.4 update you’ll find the surprised, shaking smiley, the goose, the donkey, the ‘stop’-saying hand (or is it a high five?), the samba balls and the afro comb. iPhone has an emoji keyboard and since this week you can find 21 new emoji on it. Although a donkey or goose is cute, we expect to use the stop / high five a lot, besides of course that shocked smiley that shakes to its foundations. There are few better ways to communicate a shocked state.

3. Personalize your lock screen

You can personalize the iPhone lock screen so that you don’t have to unlock the phone every time you want to know something. You can use all kinds of different widgets, such as the temperature, your activity rings, your calendar and just the date and time. You can put your own wallpapers on it that can also get fun tweaks to bring them to life even more.

4. No more completing CAPTCHAs

Apple is really good at security: it understands what’s great about storing locally, encrypted information. However, there is another useful thing about iPhone: you no longer have to fill in a CAPTCHA. You know, then you have to enter a strange code of numbers and letters, or you have to click on all zebra crossings, but you don’t see any. There are private access tokens that Apple has developed to ensure that it is always clear and verified who you are.

5. Finally notifications in a convenient place

We don’t know why anyone ever thought that we want to see notifications at the top of the screen: undoubtedly because phones were smaller at first. But if you now have a device in your hands, you have to stretch your thumb far to go to the notifications. Apple has thought about it and breaks with tradition: you can just see the notifications at the bottom. Very useful and it probably won’t get in the way of that beautiful background photo you’ve chosen.

6. Use Apple Wallet as a wallet

Google also has a wallet, but Apple’s is simply better. Maybe it’s because it works so well with other Apple products, like your Apple Watch, but the Apple Wallet comes in very handy for stashing all your important cards, boarding passes, and so on. Apple Pay is also linked to this, to which more and more services are being linked. Not always the best ideas, those services, because sometimes it means taking out some kind of loan, but for now Apple is working hard to make the iPhone so versatile that you no longer need a wallet at all.

7. SharePlay to stream together

Back to Messages for a moment, because another handy trick has been added. It is now easier to watch something together, without having to count down or someone forgets to inform the other about a visit to the toilet (and ‘pause’ is therefore desirable). SharePlay ensures that you can listen to synchronized music or watch a streaming service together. In the meantime, you can keep typing in Messages to comment on what you’re watching (or have a good chat about completely different things).

8. Smart analysis of your photos

Google is a bit better here, but Apple also has some skills: you can quickly lift an object from a photo to use it elsewhere. Other brands are now also working on this, but Apple was just a little faster. It is very nice to quickly remove a background from a photo and only have a cat or a person left to use as a sticker in WhatsApp, for example.

9. Use focus mode to get more work done

Sometimes people unfortunately forget that this mode exists, but it is really good for your focus. You will get your work done faster if you are not constantly disturbed by all kinds of notifications and beeps. Focus mode is also better in iOS 16. For example, you can turn on different focus modes, one for when you’re working out (where you want to allow messages, but maybe no phone calls because they disrupt your music), or when you work (no messages, because they trigger distraction). That focus mode goes so far that you can apply certain filters in certain apps, such as the tabs within Safari.

10. Deploy the anti-stalker modes called Safety Check

Apple may have come up with an ideal stalker tool in the form of the Apple AirTag, but at the same time it also does a lot to ensure that you control who can see your location. The option is called Safety Check and mainly affects people who are in a relationship with someone who is stalking them or maybe even hurting them. You can see and reset who can see your messages, your apps, your passwords and your location through your phone.

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