10 tips and tricks for Snapchat

Yellow and a ghost, that’s Snapchat. In contrast to Instagram, for example, the social medium is less well established among older generations, so that it has remained more for younger generations. Do you want to know how to use it properly? Then read these ten tips and tricks.

1. Save on your data

Do you have a data subscription that leaves something to be desired due to all the cutbacks? You may want to limit your data usage by Snapchat. In the Snapchat settings (via Manage and then Travel Mode) you can find the option to save on the data. If you enable it, you will be given the option to tap before downloading content for all Snaps and stories.

2. Add multiple filters

Snapchat offers you the chance to use awesome filters. We know that by now. But did you know that you can use more than 1 filter? You do this by swiping from left to right over the image when using a filter, while also holding down the screen. With your other finger, swipe the screen again and choose a second filter.

3. Switch camera during a video

You probably know how to switch cameras before taking a Snap, but did you know you can do the same when you’re in the middle of a video? While recording a video, you can press and hold the camera button to switch from the rear camera to the front camera or vice versa. That offers just a different perspective and is perfect for a reaction video.

4 .Use more different colors

Snapchat also allows you to use different colors than you think you have available. You can make a drawing with a photo by choosing the pen and then you get a number of colors to choose from. Choose a color, but keep your finger on the screen for a moment. Then you get extra colors to choose from when you move your finger.

5. Completely des Snaps your profile picture

Snapchat is best known for Bitmoji, the funny avatar that you can make to look just like yourself. Includes outfits and props to show off even more of your personality. Are you proud of your Bitmoji or would you like a little more privacy, then you can also choose to make your Bitmoji your avatar. You do this by tapping the white ghost in your profile. You can then download the Bitmoji app and create your Bitmoji. Or you just open the Bitmoji app. Within that app you can choose to link with Snapchat and make your creation your avatar.

6. Create more beautiful posts thanks to a grid

A grid isn’t childish, it’s not like the kiddie lane in bowling, it’s really an asset within Snapchat. It helps you to establish what the horizon is and especially that it is straight. This makes your posts a lot better to look at and your posts look significantly more professional. You can turn on the grid by tapping the little arrow when you’re in camera mode.

7. Add a text effect

If you use static text, your message will come across, but it is a bit boring. You’re much better off opting for special effects with your texts, by choosing the AR text option (via the search function and then 3D Caption) you can select a lens called AR Text. You can then choose all kinds of different text options, such as bumpy, wavy and so your text is animated and you can even add filters to it for some extra effect.

8. Add music

Some people think that music in a social post is annoying, but in 2023 we are completely used to hearing music with posts. It brings some extra atmosphere or can convey a message better. Just a meaningful song lyrics or a piece of music that is very popular: it is often good for your posts. You add music by tapping “sounds” before recording the Snap. You then get a large arsenal of songs to choose from. Have fun!

9. Adjust your skin tone

All that yellow is great fun, but we’re not LEGO dolls, are we? You can choose a default skin color on Snapchat by going to ‘Manage’ in the settings and then choosing ‘Emoji skin color’. That way you are a little more yourself.

10. Find products

Google Lens, with its artificial intelligence and shopping capabilities, might be great at looking up what a particular product is and where to find it, but so can Snapchat. You can just tap the smiley on your screen and take a picture of the item you have in front of you to see if you can shop it cheaper elsewhere. Thank you Snapchat.

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