10 tips to make a viral TikTok video

TikTok’s algorithm works in such a way that you can still become a huge viral hit on the social medium even now. If your video is catchy enough, the algorithm can push you to viral status. But, for that you have to make a video that people like to watch, that people respond to and that is well put together. We can’t guarantee success, but these ten tips will help you make a good TikTok video.

1. Choose an original subject that you can do a lot with

If you don’t want to make just one video that is successful, but several, then it is smart to choose an original subject with which you can fill several videos. That it is an original subject, that is very important. People then want to follow you, because you talk about it more often, which in turn makes you more successful. Make sure it is a subject that you are passionate about, because that is the most contagious and also ensures that you have to do less research: after all, you are already familiar with the subject.

2. Keep it short and sweet

The downside of a subject you’re very passionate about is that you can probably talk about it for hours. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Keep it short, but sweet. With its short videos, TikTok is simply snackable content and topics have to pass quickly, full of short facts or lifehacks that let you see what’s going on in an instant and, so to speak, immediately want to try it yourself.

3. Provide consistent content

This is about what topics you cover. If people know you from videos about how you can make chess pieces in a creative way, it’s strange if you suddenly make a video with dancing geese. It may not be fun, because you want to show your whole self on TikTok, but the most effective is an account that is somewhat predictable in terms of type of content. This is how your followers stay with you, because they follow you for that specific type or topic of videos.

4. Make the first few seconds interesting

You probably know that from yourself: if you’re on TikTok and the video isn’t funny within a few seconds, you quickly skip to the next one. There goes that video’s chance of making it big: at least, if a lot of people think that way. Where directors get away with making a slow build-up in films, TikTok is a bit more straightforward. The first few seconds should be immediately interesting, so that you immediately grab the viewer. For example, you can choose ‘you never believe’ or ‘you’ve been doing this wrong all along’, which quickly attracts attention.

5. Don’t be afraid to cut

Just like writing lyrics, ‘kill your darlings’ also applies when editing videos. On TikTok, a shot does not have to be complete. Even if you’re in the middle of a story and it’s being cut, that’s not a bad thing at all. For example, look at Mr Beast’s videos. That may be YouTube instead of TikTok (in general), but you see that you are always dropped in the middle of the story and what is going on is not explained in too many words. A little fanatical assembly is not a problem, but rather a solution. You keep it short and sweet with this and you hold people’s attention.

6. Think SEO

When you see SEO, you may think of Google, but within TikTok it is also smart to ensure that your video is optimally findable. For example, it helps if the title of your video (your caption) contains the subject of your video, just like your subtitle and your hashtags. For example, TikTok cannot ignore the fact that your video is about topic X and your video is easy to find for people who want to see more videos about topic X. Also choose original hashtags, because then you will also be found by other people.

7. Film with a good smartphone

Although TikTok is still quite lenient on videos that appear to have been shot with a potato, it is still most pleasant to watch when the video looks super sharp. The current generation of phones, such as iPhone 14, Google Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are good at capturing sharp videos. Moreover, they often contain all kinds of tricks to make your video look even better.

8. Keep an eye on TikTok trends

Whether it’s about certain music that is very popular, or a funny challenge: by participating in these kinds of TikTok trends you can put yourself in the spotlight. You show that your channel is up-to-date, especially with challenges; if you have a creative idea for that, you can stand out and appear in, for example, list articles about that trend, which can make your video even more viral.

9. Make sure you respond

If someone responds to your video, don’t leave someone hanging unanswered. If there are many comments, then you certainly do not have to post your own response to each comment, but certainly if someone asks you a question or gives you a compliment, respond to that person. Not only for that person, but also for yourself: you can count on TikTok to appreciate that interactivity too and reward you in an oil slick effect in how your video is distributed.

10. Keep making videos

Making a video once and not going viral doesn’t mean you have to stop making videos. In fact, it is very important – even if you are well known – to consistently post videos. At some point, for example, people will expect a video from you every week, maybe even every day, and if there is nothing, the algorithm may consider your video a lot less highly and therefore spread less.

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