​10 x celebrity documentaries that offer you a different view

Bassie and Adriaan get their own documentary. Whatever you think of this duo: it can still be worth watching the documentary once it’s out. These kinds of records often give an interesting insight into someone’s brain and that often makes you think differently about certain people. You know a little more about their struggles and that often creates appreciation. Here are 10 celebrity docs that just might do that to you.

1. Becoming (Netflix)

When she was still a first lady, she probably couldn’t just make this documentary, but now she hasn’t been for several years now and she travels the world with her book and her personality. In this documentary, Michelle Obama tells more about how she grew up, but also what she wants for herself and especially for others. She always comes across as very cool and fun, but is she really? Let her show that for herself in this documentary.

2. Harry & Meghan (Netflix)

There aren’t many documentaries as much talked about as this one. Finally we get a different look at the English royal family, or rather: trying to stay away from it. You may not like the monarchy, but Harry & Meghan explains very clearly how some things work within that royal house and what happens when you decide to no longer want to participate in it. A fairly poignant documentary that especially puts Meghan in a completely different light.

3. Miss Americana (Netflix)

You see, Netflix is ​​the place to be when it comes to celebrity stories. So is Miss Americana, which tells more about Taylor Swift’s life. The young country singer who eventually grew into a pop star who influenced an entire generation. In this documentary she also tells more about her image, because that has been an important topic of conversation with Taylor Swift quite early on.

4. Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (Netflix)

It’s not the best documentary ever, but it does show that the huge show that artists put on during the Super Bowl is certainly not always just entertainment. Jennifer Lopez shows how hard you have to work to dare to say something and that comes out very well in this documentary. Whether it comes out so well in the show itself is up to you to determine, but this recording does provide some background.

5. Billie Eilish (Apple TV+)

Yes, it’s not just Netflix that’s ticking the box. Apple TV + managed to get cult icon Billie Eilish for a documentary and it is very welcome. While Billie is certainly not very secretive, she was a bit like that for a long time. With her sometimes dark lyrics and special appearance, she is a fascinating person and in The World’s A Little Blurry you see that she also has a completely different side. And that she is young, really young, and at the same time already very mature.

6. Amy (HBO Max)

She died much too early and the question has always been: was it really her own doing, or did her environment also have a lot of influence? In any case, Amy is a pretty tough documentary to watch. He is not so much about the great musical things that Amy Winehouse achieved, he is mainly about her demise. This documentary will not bother you, but it should definitely be seen if you ever hear a song by Amy.

7. Fast: Go Out Jacketless (Netflix)

We hear you thinking: are there also Dutch documentaries? They do exist, although they are fairly scarce. The documentary of the young rapper Snelle is very nice to watch, because he is not the most standard rapper and wants to give his audience all sorts of things. The rapper also released an album during the pandemic, which also comes with the necessary challenges. You will learn more about it in this story.

8.Kelly (Amazon Prime Video)

We will continue with the Dutch stars. Although, is Kelly still a star? In this documentary you can see that her life has actually become quite ordinary when it comes to the spotlight. However, the documentary swings in all directions. On the one hand, life in prostitution is portrayed as something quite normal, which is positive, but on the other hand, Kelly also wants to stop. But, she doesn’t want that to appear too much in the documentary, while she clearly gives the arguments for why she wants out. Sometimes it goes a bit in all directions, and sometimes there is too much repetition (for example, the interview with her sister about the bullying), but in the end this documentary proves that it is also from someone you don’t know very well, or maybe not even so cool, it’s interesting to see what keeps them busy. Why did they make certain choices, and how did they receive other things (like Bridget’s misery)? In that respect, Kelly provides an interesting insight into a world that is very unknown to many.

9. Reframed: Marilyn Monroe (Videoland)

Marilyn Monroe hasn’t had an easy life, and you wouldn’t think so when you see what she’s made. Created by the amazing actress Jessica Chastain, this documentary explores what Marilyn Monroe has meant to women and how she continues to impact the world today. But above all, this is the story of an ordinary American girl who suddenly became the biggest sex bomb in the world.

10. Gaga: Five Foot Two (Netflix)

Lady Gaga goes quite far in her documentary: you see all her emotions, you see her in a very vulnerable moment, making an album that probably ended up being one of her less popular albums: Joanne. However, this documentary is not just about the music, it is about Lady Gaga and her difficult disease, fibromyalgia, but also how the world sees her and how she in turn views it. Great to see her from a different side, especially after her meat dress and other violent excesses.

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