Monthly Archive: August 2010


UP research center developed mango liquor

There is good news for wine consumers as scientists at a Lucknow-based research center have developed wine from the popular fruit mango. A team of scientists at the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticultural Research...


Coming soon: Extra healthy apples!

Coming soon: Super-healthy apples, say scientists who claim to have mapped the delicious fruit’s genetic code. An international team has cracked the genetic code of the Golden Delicious apple variety, paving the way for...


Crispy Chilli Lamb – A Chinese Delight!

If you’re craving some delicious food, try the lip-smacking dish of the month ‘Crispy Chilli Lamb’ at Berco’s, a restaurant known for its delicious Chinese and Thai dishes in and around the city. In...


Pizza is now Britain’s favorite food?

People in the UK now prefer pizza to spicy Indian curries. In 2009, Britons bought 466 million pizzas from shops compared to 191 million currys. And an estimated 12,700 restaurants serve Italian food –...

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