Bikash Khanna is ready for the new show ‘Coastal Curry’

In the new season of Twist of Tests, celebrity chef Bikash Khanna has discovered some more seafood. Fishing nets and coconut trees, colorful people and scary stories, spectacular spices and multidimensional cooking. Celebrity chef Bikash Khanna is enjoying every bit of this hungry coastal cocktail in the third season of Fox Traveler’s Twist of Taste. … Read more

Drinking enough water is the best way to detox healthy food

Drink plenty of water, juice, gargle in salads and laxatives, with an enema, colonic irrigation and detox fasting to bring you into shape. The word ‘detox’ is being heard more than ever. Mushroom Spa and Fitness Center offer special detox diets and programs. Promises of ‘detox’ include instant sanitation or system cleansing (literally such as … Read more

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