Monthly Archive: March 2014


Organic foods may not reduce the risk of cancer

Eating organic food may not reduce the risk of cancer, a new study claims. According to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer, women who eat regular or mostly organic foods are...


Now enjoy Indian Railways food in Abu Dhabi

In a unique opportunity for food lovers in the UAE to taste a variety of Indian food, a local restaurant has come up with great food served on Indian Railways for hundreds of years....


Salad: An evergreen recipe for staying healthy

Salad is synonymous with healthy food. A colorful combination of fresh green vegetables, herbs, fruits, aromatic herbs, beans, sprouts, tofu, cheese, rice, pasta, meat, fish or poultry, nuts and seeds – a salad can...


Hardly more

As the mercury rises it becomes a difficult task to go to the Delhi market, we stumble upon a new North-East food store to satisfy our appetite for pork and chillies. Less than a...

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