Monthly Archive: May 2014


The new device will detect carcinogenic food fungi

Identifying highly carcinogenic toxins that occur naturally in most common crops can soon be solved through groundbreaking research that exploits the fluorescent properties of aflatoxins. Aflatoxin is present in a wide range of foods,...


Today’s recipe: Brown chicken

Annoyed by last-minute guests at home, annoying meals or picnic plans? We present to you a quick recipe that you can try at home without bothering about the ingredients (as they are usually found...


Who says vegetarian food can’t be gorgeous?

Earlier this year, there was a strong rumor that Chef Joel Robuchan, who has the highest number of Michelin stars – 28 has been specifically awarded – is going to Mumbai. With an unlikely...


LOL: One mango a day.

Now is the mango season !! It’s May, which means no, not an election. No, not the IPL. Mango season! The King of Fruits has come here to bless us all, and suffice it...

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