Bit of bite

Let’s start at the beginning, as the authors suggest, and consider the concept of an aperitif. According to Oscar Balcon, the co-owner of Artusi, Delhi is crushing the recent Italian restaurant like a schoolgirl, “Back to the operative is a fun and glamorous way for Italians to call it ‘Dolce Vita’, meaning ‘beautiful life’.” The … Read more

Hot and annoying? Cool out with this pineapple recipe

Pineapple has a typical musk tropical smell. I always like pineapples for their versatility: use them in salads, punches, cocktails, staples and even desserts. This is not the end. We can even use the shell for garnish or for serving salads or desserts. And above all, pineapple is a remarkable nutritional punch pack, containing vitamins … Read more

5 ways: How to make the most of strawberries

Strawberries are making their way onto the summer menu, so dip them in chocolate, apply cream, champagne or simply get ready to eat fresh. What’s more – they can add to your beauty and health! Neil Nujant, executive product chef at Morrison, a chain of British supermarkets, offers his top five ways to get the … Read more

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