Out of the junk

Junkyards are always a tad challenging to find; Taking a hint from its inspiration, the recently opened Junkyard Cafe has a little head scratcher as the entrance. Once you find its location on the second floor of Connaught Place, there can be nothing more open than this, from the stone flanged entrance to the interior … Read more

Healthy recipe: How to make this great dried fruit salad

Tired of eating dried fruit? Turn it into a mouth watering salad. Executive Sauce Chef Gagandeep Singh Sahni, Shangri-La-Eros Hotel, New Delhi tells you how. Served: 4 MaterialFor salads:40 g dry pruning40 g dried apricots50 g nuts (soaked and peeled)30 grams of walnuts40 g dried figs50 grams of organic quinoa50 grams of barleyAdd 40 grams … Read more

Chhat Puja Special: How to make Thekuya

It would not be wrong to say that Chhat Puja (also read: All you need to know about the festival) is incomplete without thekuya. A traditional Bihari sweet made with flour, sugar / molasses and ghee is offered as Thekuya Prasad. On this special day, we have come up with a special recipe for you. … Read more

Winter is coming: Add these foods to your diet

Are cold hands and feet your daily companion in winter? Are you constantly struggling to keep yourself warm? Do you get sick often this season? If the answer to all of the above is yes, then it is time to take our advice. Winter doesn’t just mean layering yourself. It’s also about keeping your body … Read more

Arrange cooking at Sangam Uthan in Delhi

While Delhi’s appetite for food may be limitless, the city’s surface is certainly not. And while restaurants are popping up like a lot of bubbles in a pot, the oven is crowding very fast. Although restaurants may have a relatively high risk of failure, the market is succeeding enough in the need for a cycle … Read more

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