Monthly Archive: January 2016


Food Review: Ordering

The block’s new kid, Dirty Apron, enjoys the street cradle of his older sibling The Piano Man, when you get in the elevator not to mention the previous song. Divided into two levels, the...


Food Review: Surprised by Taste

Spread on the top two levels of a building, Molecule enjoys a remarkable view of the worldly pleasures of Gurgaon (read several food and beverage stores). The space is huge, and while the molecule...


Cafe Infinity

Fabel, an all-day meal of Juhu, tries to do a lot together. With white picket fences and design elements like the words ‘Once upon a time’ painted on the walls, it is probably suitable...


Sign and Dine

In the far corner of the bustling Satyaniketan Bazaar, Ecos – a small, invisible cafe. It sits among the many new foods that have recently opened stores. However, this is not another restaurant in...

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