Monthly Archive: February 2023


​Third parties are worse than pop-ups

People used to complain bitterly about the many pop-ups on websites. That’s where ad blockers came in, although people who don’t use them will probably be used to the pop-ups (and the amount has...


PlayStation VR2 lives up to all expectations

In November 2022, after long teasing, Sony finally announced the launch date of the new PS VR2 headset: February 22, 2023. It was already known then that the new virtual reality glasses would have...


Delft invention can extend battery life

A TU/Delft team has developed a technology that could potentially double the endurance of lithium batteries. Please note: this does not mean that the battery provides more capacity. The technology ensures that the total...

How to Find Best Life Insurance For Family 0

How to Find Best Life Insurance For Family

How to Find Best Life Insurance For Family: You may ensure that, in the worst-case scenario, all family members will be taken care of by purchasing family life insurance. In the event of their...

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