Monthly Archive: March 2023


ChatGPT banned by Italy for privacy violation

ChatGPT is banned in Italy. A regulator that deals with privacy has decided that OpenAI handles the collection of personal data incorrectly. A privacy problem that weighs so heavily that the entire program is...


10 things that are really useful about iOS 16

Another major update for iPhones has been released this week, namely the update iOS 16.4. It makes an operating system that was already quite solid in its shoes even better. But, what makes iOS...


10 tips to make a viral TikTok video

TikTok’s algorithm works in such a way that you can still become a huge viral hit on the social medium even now. If your video is catchy enough, the algorithm can push you to...


5 cool things ChatGPT can do since GPT-4

ChatGPT has recently been upgraded with GPT-4, the new version of the underlying language of the artificial intelligence. Very cool, but often we are used to updates that come with bug fixes and a...

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