3 ways to buy a PlayStation 5 at a discount

Fortunately, it is no longer corona time: no chip shortages, so the PlayStation 5 is fully available. However, that does not mean that everyone can buy the device so easily. Certainly not because you also want games (although you can also make smart use of a PlayStation Plus subscription, which also gives you access to a large collection of games). If you still want a PlayStation 5 per se, there are possibilities to get the device cheaper.

1. Opt for a second-hand one

We recommend that you take a look at Marktplaats or at a store like CEX: they often have a number of PlayStation 5s for sale. Just be sure to always make sure you pick up the device physically, to avoid being sent a box containing a brick that shatters your dreams. There will probably be a PlayStation Slim later this year, and for owners of a PlayStation 5 that may mean that they are getting rid of their large device, so count on some more options on the second-hand market when the new console is announced.

2. Trade in your old console

At some game stores, including GameMania, you can hand in an old console for a discount on your PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the store does not say how much you will get in return: that probably depends on more factors than just which console you hand in. It is worth visiting your local game store (or calling) and discussing your options. It sometimes feels hard to get rid of a console you’ve had so much fun on, but trust us, once you’ve got that PlayStation 5, there’s very little reason to keep another PlayStation 4 alongside it. And we even dare to say: to have another Xbox Series X, because there are few ultra-exclusive games to play on it.

3. Buy it from the PlayStation Store before July 21

At direct.playstation.com, Sony’s official store, you can get a PlayStation 5 with a fairly nice discount until July 21. The discount has been in effect since July 7 and means that you can buy your PlayStation with disk drive for 75 euros less than normal. In addition, it comes to 475 euros. However, there are also some retailers who offer it even cheaper (although that sometimes fluctuates), but we spotted it on GameMania for 464 euros and on Bol.com for 469 euros. That’s another meal (or maybe two) you save. After the promotional period, the device will cost the official price of 550 euros again, so if you are considering it and you still want to buy it new without fuss, then this is your time. And who knows, you can combine the GameMania trade-in promotion and buy your console completely for next to nothing (but whether these promotions apply together, you will have to check with your local store).

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