4 AI Applications at Dutch Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence has been a much-discussed topic since ChatGPT opened its doors at the end of 2022. In what ways can AI make life easier? And for which applications can we use this technology?

The casino industry is known for being at the forefront of technology applications, which is why we are going to look at how legal casinos can use AI in the Customer Journey. These are parts of the process that players face at an online casino; from registering a gaming account to figuring out slots or table games.

Part of these 4 AI applications are already being used in practice. For example, Artificial Intelligence is used in the verification of players, as is the case with many FinTech companies.

1. Automatic Document Checking

A piece of AI immediately comes into play during the registration process. In addition to the age check via iDIN, many Dutch gambling websites ask for documentation directly. In most cases, this concerns proof of address and an identity document such as a passport or ID card. This check is part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Because most Dutch online casinos use AI, this process is fully automatic. You upload the documents to the website and it is automatically indicated whether they match the player profile that is being created.

In addition, all features of the document assessed to determine whether it is a counterfeit. Is the supplied documentation incorrect? Then an automatic notification is sent to an employee to carry out a manual check.

Training of the AI ​​Model

The AI ​​model is trained to perform these checks properly. This means that a reasonable amount of ID cards and Passports go through the process to recognize certain patterns and relationships. The model will function well at the legal casinos with Dutch passports, driver’s licenses and ID cards.

When a player registers with a foreign passport, the model will have more trouble giving a rating.

The training of such an application can take up to several weeks, mainly depending on the volumes that are run. More documentation is a better trained AI model and therefore a better experience at the online casino.

Compare biometric data

Ever had to deliver a selfie to a financial institution or casino? AI is also used to efficiently compare the Biometric data with the photo on the ID.

2. Detect problem behavior in players

There are several indicators that can detect gambling problems. Instead of manually looking for these points, Artificial intelligence can also be used. That way it can Responsible Gaming team focus on players who actually pose a risk to themselves.

For example, one of these indicators is logging in multiple times in 1 day. This does not have to be a problem per se, you may also be dealing with a malfunctioning casino website. By developing a Model that monitors many of these indicators, the right players can be approached.

A good example is given by Mindway AI, a company that focuses on AI in online casinos:

As you can see in the video, there are many factors that Artificial Intelligence can take into account. 1 or 2 outliers will not immediately ring the alarm bells, it is a combination of the playing session and the complete history of a player.

It is important that the AI ​​model is properly trained. Is the focus on the wrong risk indicators? Then the result can be many false positives, or worse, problem players cannot be identified that way.

3. Recognize fraud and abuse quickly

Suppose you like to play online slots and you just discovered a BUG in the bonus game of a slot machine. Every time you bet a tenner and you get into the bonus game, the casino pays out the winnings 2X: Good News!

You forward this to your friends and they all create an account at the same casino and start playing this game. This is not noticeable at all at large casinos such as Unibet or Holland Casino. After all, there are thousands of players who win and pay out money. So you have to pay close attention and have enough staff to discover certain patterns.

This is a simple example that can be quickly discovered when comparing slot payout percentages, this will surely be discovered sooner or later. The use of AI can offer the solution by immediately sounding the alarm before the payouts have been processed.

With Artificial intelligence you are not only faster, but also more complex methods of winning from the casino can be recognized. Bonus abuse entails a lot of costs for Dutch casinos, by using a well-trained AI model, casinos avoid losing money unnecessarily to abuse and fraud.

4. Better recommendations on casino games

You probably know the Suggestions at News-Items. Usually these are based on certain Tags and Keywords that are given to an article. With Netflix you already get better results because they include user data in these recommendations.

This works identically for casino games, but these recommendations do not take into account the age, demographics or gender of a player. These are just a few indicators that an AI model can train on, you can also include things such as the number of spins played on a video slot and how much a player spends.

By training an AI model with real-time data from all casino players, the suggestions can be completely overhauled. Players therefore get a better indication of online slots they really like, which translates into more turnover (and profit) for the casino.

AI is experiencing strong growth

In addition to the 4 AI applications in this article, there are more possibilities to think of, and this does not only apply to online casinos. People have been shaken up in many sectors.

For example, copywriters are afraid of losing their jobs, universities test students’ work for the use of AI and artists wonder whether having a painting transformed is not plagiarism.

You can now even have texts converted to music, the possibilities are endless. We are curious how Artificial intelligence will make life easier and more fun.

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