​4 x extreme tourism for only the very rich

It gripped the world this week: the disappearance of the submarine Titan, which was on its way to the Titanic with a group of very wealthy people on board. Wealthy enough to buy tickets that cost thousands. It is just one example of extreme tourism: there is much more of it.


The fact that extreme tourism does not necessarily mean that you can be very lazy and mess around, is proven by the rich who go to the top of Everest every year. A journey that is not exactly risk-free and also very physically demanding. No matter how many sherpa you take with you: you have to do it yourself in the end. You will spend at least 25,000 euros on a return ticket to Everest.

South Pole

Antarctica is high on the list of people who want to visit all parts of the world, but few people actually get there. Although there are trips that cost only a few thousand euros, an extensive polar expedition is considerably more expensive. You could also see it recently in a video by Mr Beast: such trips can be extremely expensive, and anyway they are a bit extreme: the weather conditions there are quite different than we are used to and you have to take that into account. An expedition to the South Pole costs a ton.


We wrote earlier how problematic space tourism can be, but at the same time it can provide the funds needed to develop new things for space trips that have a more scientific character. There are several companies that offer extraterrestrial jaunts: Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX, for example, which allow you to visit space for a longer period of time for an amount ranging from a few tons to millions.


If you like hunting a bit, you don’t go to the forest to shoot a squirrel: you go to certain African countries to shoot big game. A rhinoceros or something, or a giraffe. And then pose with your prey, whom you just killed with your gun. It is one of the most controversial forms of extreme tourism, images of which often make the rounds on social media because many people find it pathetic.

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