​5 apps that can help you when train traffic is down

There are no trains to and from Amsterdam Central: quite annoying if you want to go to the Harry Styles concert, but fortunately there are many alternatives. Even if you read this article at another time when there are train problems again: these are five apps that can help you get to your destination when the NS fails.

By public transport: 9292

The 9292 OV app has the option to disable the trains from the travel advice, which makes it a great app to use if a certain type of traffic is interrupted (you can also disable buses, trams and more). For example, if you want to go to Harry Styles, you can quickly see that metros also go to the Arena from Central Station and you can take them to get to this singing hunk in time.

Taxi: Uber

You can be a bit busy on Uber if several people suddenly have to look for an alternative from the train, but it is an app that can quickly give you insight into whether there is a taxi nearby and what your ride will cost . Especially that cost indication is very useful, because if you wanted to go by public transport, you probably didn’t take a taxi into account. And certainly not having to anxiously look at the meter to see how high it rises. In many cases, Uber is a bit cheaper than a regular taxi and you can see what the damage will be before you agree.

Carpooling: BlaBlaCar

Another smart option is BlaBlaCar. In this app you will find both bus rides that you can take and people who offer themselves as a carpool car. You have to pay for this if you want to ride along, but fortunately it is clear in advance what has to be paid. The app doesn’t have a star system like Uber, so apart from the ‘verified’ status and the number of Facebook friends you can’t tell much about how other people have experienced your potential driver, but it is a way to check if there is really no other way. still be able to get home. Or at your concert, at work, and so on.

Carpooling II: Twitter

Often when there are really big problems with the trains, there are people who think: hey, I have to go in a certain direction by car, maybe I can take someone with me and help them. That is different from BlaBlaCar, where drivers can ask for money. For example, you often see on Twitter when there is heavy snowfall that people offer to take some people with them in their car, or you see calls from: “Stranded in Almere, but I have to go to Ommen, is anyone going that way?”

Scooter: Felyx or Check

Shared scooters may not take you very far, but it is an idea to drive them from Amsterdam Central to Amsterdam Amstel, for example, if the trains do go there. Not every city has them, but it is a good alternative to be able to continue traveling afterwards. And to be honest, it’s also just fun to tear through the city on a scooter.

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