​5 movies whose alternate endings are better

Did you know that some movies in other countries have different endings? Well-known examples are Unfriended, 28 Days Later and even The Sound of Music. But sometimes the end is just the end, but there are still many potential other endings floating around on the internet (which were sometimes secretly thought up by the director, but couldn’t go through). These six films are good examples of films whose alternate endings are better. And, good to know: it contains all kinds of spoilers of movie endings.

1. The Descent

The Descent is famous for being about a group of women who get trapped in a cave, where the ‘bad guy’ comes into the picture quite clearly, but the viewer still has a very ominous feeling. The film’s original stopper was that Sarah didn’t come out of the cave at all, but that was all just a hallucination and she’s actually dead instead of having a party with her daughter Jessica. Pretty dark, but very well suited to the film. Some people think it’s the fault of the United States that this movie got the “slacker” ending, making it less of a classic than it should have been.

2. The Butterfly Effect

Ashton Kutcher hasn’t been in very many brilliant movies, but The Butterfly Effect certainly was. The film presents a peculiar concept of how everything you do has a sort of ripple effect on other things. Evan (who plays Ashton) is a young man who can time travel to and modify traumatic moments. But if he does, he’ll lose the love of his life, all in the name of saving everyone’s life. Very heroic in itself, but the alternative ending is better: Evan would already commit suicide in his mother’s womb by folding the umbilical cord around his neck. Very dark, but fits the atmosphere of the film.

3.I Am Legend

One of the most mentioned movies where an alternate ending would be better is I Am Legend. In this movie, Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) continues to be harassed by albinos (Darkseekers) in their hopes of finding the key to the cure in this last man on Earth. Eventually, Robert finds the right treatment and ends up in a camp for survivors. A bit boring: the alternate ending he realized that the Darkseekers mainly want their friend back on which Robert has been experimenting. In it, the focus is therefore switched to a story in which Robert himself is the monster, instead of the hero. This also comes much closer to the book on which the film is based.

4. Blade Runner

Blade Runner is still a brilliant film that shows so many futuristic ideas and beautiful dystopias that they are still often referred to in today’s world. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi story has changed many times, including with an ending where Deckard (played by Harrison Ford) turns out to be artificial himself and once free, in which he would be hunted down by his own Blade Runner division. Very different from a man who himself falls for some kind of android, huh?

5. Alien

Alien is a brilliant movie and we don’t really need an alternative ending, but when you hear this one you might think a little differently. Ridley Scott (there he is again) actually wanted to kill Ripley in the movie. Then the xenomorph would eventually get its way, get hold of Ripley and the alien would use her voice to leave a message about her return to Earth. In itself, the true ending in which Ripley survived is better for making Alien a franchise, but this ending with the dark edge would also have suited this incredibly dark film.

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