5 reasons to go see the Oppenheimer movie

This week it’s finally here. After much hype, Christopher Nolan’s new movie is finally out: Oppenheimer. Unlike the sci fi story Tenet (his previous blockbuster), Oppenheimer is based on true events. These are five reasons to go to the cinema as soon as possible.

The double meaning

It seems that this film is not shown in cinemas in Japan and that is something to imagine: after all, it is about the man responsible for the horrors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. However, it is not just a story about something that has been. It’s not even just a warning that we shouldn’t do anything with nuclear weapons anymore. The director is clear: if you make an invention, you have to take your responsibility. And he’s not necessarily referring to nuclear bombs: he’s talking about the current craziness surrounding artificial intelligence (which also happens to be the subject of the great Hollywood strike that also affected the British premiere of the film). In any case, even leading scientists fear that AI may yet have an Oppenheimer moment.

Great value for money

When you buy a ticket to the cinema, you first of all hope that you are going to see a good film, but you can also get a lot of value for your money in another way. Oppenheimer lets you sit in the red velvet chairs for a long time. The movie lasts 3 hours. And then it is also a very strong film, if we are to believe the reviews. Don’t forget not to drink too much beforehand, to avoid going to the toilet. But do bring a drink for this long viewing session.

Cillian Murphy plays the lead role

The man has made himself immortal through Peaky Blinders and 28 Days Later, but Nolan has known that he has talent for some time. For example, he previously chose the Irishman for The Dark Knight and Inception, but now he gets the leading role of Mr. Oppenheimer, the smart guy who amazed the whole world with his invention, but also knew that he had made something that was irreversible. Cillian is a great actor and very suitable for this intensely heavy role. He’s not alone, by the way: Emily Blunt, Marr Damon, and Robert Downey Jr. are also featured in the film.

Because it was shot in IMAX format

You can of course say: so many streaming services, I’ll watch this flick when it comes out. We don’t recommend it. Not only does the cinema offer a completely different experience because it is just a little less distracting, and it is a great night out, but this film was also shot in IMAX format. The entire film was shot on 65 millimeters and that makes it even more worth going not just to the cinema, but specifically to the IMAX. Razor sharp.

You can Barbenheimer him

There are several big blockbusters this summer, but we dare to say that Barbie and Oppenheimer are the biggest ones. And let them come out on exactly the same day. Nolan doesn’t seem particularly amused about it, but he didn’t know then that there was such a thing as Barbenheimer. The idea is that you double bill this movie with Barbie. And then, because of the rather depressing message, first Oppenheimer and then the ultra-light Barbie after it.

Oppenheimer can be seen in cinemas from July 20

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