5 reasons to switch to Mastodon

Twitter has become somewhat unpredictable with Musk at the helm, and now that the Blue subscription has been introduced in the Netherlands, many users are afraid that the social medium will soon remain interesting mainly for paying users. At the same time, many people have switched to Mastodon since Musk took over. We have already discussed what this social medium entails, but why exactly should you switch? We give you five reasons.

Because it is decentralized

Mastodon is decentralized, which means that there is no big company behind it that stores and even sells all your data. It is especially commonplace at Facebook and Mastodon is a breath of fresh air in that respect. We all remember the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal that Facebook got into. This is not possible at Mastodon because it is decentralized. This makes it feel safer to use.

Because it’s free

This is a bit of an extension of the previous point. You may think that you don’t have to pay for Facebook, but there is indeed a kind of trade taking place. You give away your personal information and in return you can and may use Facebook freely. Mastodon is really free. It doesn’t do anything to your data, and you don’t have to dig through a 100-page service policy and sign your soul away. It’s just free to use and that’s it.

Because you don’t feel comfortable on Twitter anymore

So many things have changed on Twitter that not everyone still feels comfortable there. Since Facebook and Instagram are very different media than the blue bird, there is a need for something different and Mastodon offers exactly that. On Twitter, for example, you can’t really trust the blue checkmarks anymore, because it’s just a bought badge to flaunt that you pay monthly money for Twitter Blue. And in terms of allowing people with certain, rather inflammatory opinions, Musk has also antagonized many people. You can find those people on Mastodon.

Because it’s fun to reinvent the wheel together

Although Mastodon is certainly not new, its popularity is new. It is a social medium that has just outgrown its infancy, but on which you can reinvent the wheel together with others. How can you best use this app, what would make this app much better? Precisely because it is still a bit early days for this new chapter in the history of the social medium, you can be an early adopter together with others and see how it can get even better.

Because you have more personalization options

Whether it’s managing who can see your updates and who can’t, but also how Mastodon looks in terms of colors and functionalities, every variant of Mastodon is completely personalized, if you choose that. There is a lot to set up, exactly as you wish and that makes it a pleasant social medium to use. Other social media certainly have many options to make it your own, but certainly compared to Twitter, Mastodon offers more options to make it completely to your liking.

If you switch, you are certainly not alone. Mastodon has become much more popular in the past year.

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