After a console shortage, now also a controller shortage at Xbox

The pandemic may have done gamers well in terms of home time for gaming, but that’s not to say about everything else related to gaming. It now appears that in addition to a console shortage, a controller shortage is also lurking. Microsoft indicates this to game site VGC.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X has been out for a year and a half in the Netherlands, just like PlayStation 5. Both consoles have had delivery problems since day 1. The big reason is the chip shortages, which are caused by, among other things, the pandemic and problems with raw materials. Although the biggest culprit is simply the question: partly due to smart cars, cameras and other smart gadgets, there is so much need for chips that it is impossible to produce. You can’t just build a chip factory from the ground up, that would take one or two years.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has this to say: “Want to try and get an Xbox or PlayStation in this market, it’s hard: they’re not that easy to find. Not because the supply is smaller, but because the demand is greater than the stock we can bring to the market. We’ve sold more from Xbox Series X and S than any previous Xbox.”

Controllers from Microsoft

However, the reason there are no controllers probably has nothing to do with the chip shortage. According to Microsoft, it is due to “disruptions in delivery.” It is noticeable in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe. Beware if you want to buy a controller, because the prices of the controllers go up enormously due to the scarcity. On some ‘normal’ sites where these products are sold on the assembly line, we see that the price has already risen to 90 euros. That is much more than the suggested retail price of 60 euros.

There are probably problems because factories have to close regularly due to corona. It is difficult to assemble a controller without parts. In addition, restoring those supply chains is likely to take another year or two. So if you happen to be in a store that is not yet aware of the increased prices and you see an Xbox controller: so bring it with you. If you don’t already have enough. You never know when that stick drive will rear its ugly head.

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