Apple App Store transparency report

Apple has published the latest version of its Transparency report. In it, the manufacturer provides clarity about the status of its App Store every year, with figures about the number of available apps, apps that have been rejected or removed, any security issues discovered, et cetera. Apps are not mentioned by name. The report only provides insight into the figures.

The App Store Transparency Report provides data on how Apple manages the App Store in all 175 countries and regions where it is available. Most importantly, to inform customers about Apple’s efforts to keep the App Store safe and reliable so that users can find the apps they want and love. The most recent version of the report that has now been issued covers the data for 2022.

Quarter of reviewed apps and updates rejected

At the end of 2022, there were still almost 1.8 million apps in the App Store. In total, more than 6.1 million apps were submitted for review last year. These are not only new apps, but also updates of existing apps. Nearly 1.7 million reviews led to a refusal of the relevant app or app update. That is almost exactly 25 percent of the total number of apps and updates offered.

There are several reasons for this: think of copycat apps, apps with minimal functionality and spam. More than a quarter of a million of those rejected apps and updates were approved at a later stage. Possibly after a successful objection to that rejection or amendments.

Over 186,000 apps removed

In 2022, Apple also removed more than 186,000 apps from the App Store. This concerns apps that were initially approved, but on closer inspection turned out not to comply with Apple’s (strict) guidelines and rules. Apps can be removed from the App Store for a number of reasons, including violations of local law, repeated violations of App Store policies, fraud, or regulatory action.

Games were the most thrown out of the App Store. In 2022 there were almost 39,000. In addition, more than 20,000 Utilities and nearly 17,000 Business apps were also removed from the App Store.

Looking at apps that had to be removed by order of a government, China is in first place (squared). Of the total of 1474 apps removed by order of governments, it was the Chinese government that ordered this in 1435 cases. The number 2, India, had 14 apps removed and Pakistan had 10.

Incidentally, governments, especially China, have submitted many more requests for the removal of apps. In total more than 18,000 times, of which almost 5,500 from China alone. It is also striking that the US government has submitted 3157 requests to have an app removed, but not a single request has been honored by Apple.

You can view the full report here.

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