Apple doesn’t think the most expensive iPhone is expensive enough yet

As a true iPhone fan and tech geek, you naturally choose the most extensive and most expensive model. That is currently the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max. You can currently pay a sloppy 2,126 euros for this. If we are to believe the reflections of Apple analyst and expert Mark Gurman, Apple thinks there is still room for an even more expensive model.

An iPhone Ultra of 2,500 euros?

The manufacturer would consider releasing an ‘Ultra’ variant of the most expensive iPhone in 2024. What would it cost then? The expert does not yet make any statements about this, but knowing Apple – looking at the price differences between the various models – that could just be 200 to 300 euros. With that, the price tag of the most expensive iPhone could well be close to 2,500 euros. And that of the ‘entry-level model’ of the iPhone Ultra then exceeds 1,500 euros.

It’s all speculation, of course, but the fact is that Apple doesn’t shy away from raising the price tags of the iPhone. Once, in 2007, we thought $599 was a lot of money. For that money you just get an iPhone SE, but then you no longer have to opt for the model with 128GB.

Spec speculation

Nothing is yet known about the specifications of the iPhone Ultra, if it comes at all. Of course there is already speculation about that. Being called, and that’s not surprising, a better camera, and an even bigger screen. The disappearance of the wired charger is also an option. That would mean that the iPhone Ultra can only be charged wirelessly.

Whether the iPhone Ultra will also be, or will be, a foldable model, which has also been speculated about in the past? Who knows may say.


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