Apple wants you to use your Apple Watch a lot more: here’s how

Apple did not say much about Apple Watch during its last presentation, because it had to be mainly about the VR glasses and some other things. However, that does not mean that the American tech company is not working on the wearable. In an interview with Cnet, it even says that your smartwatch should be your “key to the world.”

Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch made its debut 8 years ago, it was already a handy thing, but over the years it has become considerably more. Nowadays you can even make heart films with it, call in emergency services, you name it. And that should only get more, if it’s up to Apple. Apple Vice President of Technology has said that Apple wants you to use your Apple Watch for many more purposes. It is a pity that many things turn out to be very local, but usually they also come to us in the end.

Over the years, Apple has already made it possible to use your Watch as a key to your car and your home, but it has to be for much more. No wonder it comes with all kinds of widgets: a kind of sections of apps that you can access quickly and easily, while still showing the time. For example, half of the screen can be taken over by your streaming service or a news app, for example. Plus: it means that you no longer have to swipe and tap and do so much for your favorite apps, that you usually just grab your phone right away.


A nice detail is that a lot of things have actually been possible on the Apple Watch for a long time, but it will take a while before it is also made more convenient on the watch face. This is partly because Apple does not always want to drop a new look to its users, because that always takes some getting used to, especially when it comes to that watch face. Apple always tries to find a solution for a large audience and that also means that it keeps that in mind when making decisions.

The health sensors will soon be used slightly differently on Apple Watch. A new daylight detection is added that allows the watch to understand if its owner is outside. This in turn could be used to adapt certain options to the circumstances for optimal use, but sensors are also used to see if you are not staring at your screen too much, because staring at your smartphone or watch can accelerate the development of myopia.

Watch OS 10

The key to your door, but perhaps also to your health. In addition, it is increasingly possible to use your Apple Watch as an access key in more and more hotels, and Apple would also like to think about people’s wallets: what does he or she put in it, and can that also be done digitally on the Apple Watch? That’s all still in the future, but if you’re wondering what Apple is working on, it’s always better to ask yourself if you can still think of problems that Apple might have a solution for.

WatchOS 10, the new major upgrade for the watch, is coming this fall. The public beta will be released in a month.

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