Are there pressure points in the body that can help you sleep better? Here’s what a doctor says

There are many reasons why sleep remains elusive to people. In fact, it has become quite a common problem around the world, which could have many triggers.

Interestingly, while there are many hacks that promise to give you a good night’s sleep, one TikTok video has gone viral recently, which claims a little rubbing exercise can make one sleep like a baby at night.

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According to reports, a TikTok video by user @youngeryoudoc has claimed that if you rub the inner part of your wrist in circular motions for a few minutes, you will be out in no time. The secret lies in the fact that you are essentially applying pressure on a specific area of ​​the body, which could release stress and help you get the best sleep of your life.

Younger You Doc purportedly wrote in the TikTok comments: “The wrist spot is an acupressure spot that has come up in several studies.” Many users, too, claimed that the hack did wonders for them.

While it is true that there are acupressure points in the body, how effective is this strategy in the long run, and should one solely rely on it for sleep? According to Dr Praveen Gupta, principal director and head, Department of Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, “instant results do not come in life and medicine”.

“There are so many different causes of insomnia and you cannot have one cure for it. There are multiple points [in the body] from neck and skull, to hands and chest, which people have projected as special points for sleep on the basis of Chinese medicine. But, none of these points have the ability to affect the brain function in such a manner that it can instantly induce or maintain sleep. In one odd patient, it may be useful, but it is unlikely to become a large-scale treatment for sleep disorders,” the doctor told

He added that there are multiple sleep points, not just the wrist. And while they have helped people for a while, the effect has worn off thereafter. “The logic behind sleep induction is that all these points are connected to the nerves and the spinal cord, and then to the brain. The science of acupressure and acupuncture works on pressing the points to cause a downstream signal alteration in the body. But, not everybody knows how to do it, and for most people it is not translated very well; it does not bring consistent results,” he concluded.

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