Arrange cooking at Sangam Uthan in Delhi

While Delhi’s appetite for food may be limitless, the city’s surface is certainly not. And while restaurants are popping up like a lot of bubbles in a pot, the oven is crowding very fast. Although restaurants may have a relatively high risk of failure, the market is succeeding enough in the need for a cycle of popularity (if the House Khas Village Flag, Connaught Place and GK Markets are revived) or new spaces are created. The latter phenomenon, though fairly new, coming into its own with the opening of only dining spaces around the NCR, probably took a hint from the success of the Epicuria Food Mall in Nehru Place.

RK Puram’s Sangam Courtyard is such an entity. Previously a movie of the same name, the space has been relocated as a PVR multiplex, but with equal emphasis on quality food. The mall has become a petridish of restaurants – from the niche cafe chain to the concept place.


It seems to have worked. If Italian lovers are there for chef Ritu Dalmiya’s Cafe Diva to cook and canoli, then Asian followers may take a liking to the world’s most populous (and by default most popular) continental cuisine of The Fatty Bao, Eddie Singh and Manu Chandra. Fans of Thai have the option of Ziu, which promises patrons an avant-garde and contemporary take on the cuisine, while the famous restaurant Marut Sikar joins the Delhi Club House (DCH) with all the gods and goddesses of Delhi’s hedonistic trinity. To do. “We want to revive different markets, be it CP with Monkey Bar or any other place,” said Chandra.

Fatty Bao

Delhi itself, with all its diversity and intercultural glory, is represented at Caf Delhi Heights, which houses everything from mutton curry to hawker-style Chinese to big, bad burgers, among others. MNCs Starbucks and Nando’s are satisfying the millennial and hipster cravings, with the next two floors open and ready to complete the list of restaurants.

Fatty Bao

Vikrant Batra, co-owner of Cafe Delhi Heights, said, “I was cautious about opening a restaurant here at first, as RK Puram was never seen as a food destination. But now, it is an explosive food destination for everyone from diplomats to visitors to Delhi. Not to mention DPS RK Puram, which has 8,000 students. ” While intercourse students can enjoy patronage after school time (or even during), another big step is caressing mothers; Space Kitty enjoys huge support from the party. In fact the high heel stackato adds a beat to the notes emanating from the DCH.

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