Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris: Superhero upside down

The paint is still fresh, the attractions still look tip-top: the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris has been open since July 2022 in Walt Disney Studios Park. You will find several restaurants, shows and two attractions, of course all completely styled in superhero atmospheres.

Avengers Campus

The Avengers Campus can best be described as a ‘street’ within the Walt Disney Studios Park of Disneyland Paris. On that street you will find several opportunities to take pictures, such as in a setting that could be straight out of Doctor Strange, or just with one of the cast members who look like superheroes like Black Panther or Black Widow, or under the Quinjet. When you walk in you will see the one big attraction on your right: Spider-Man WEB Adventure.

Spider Man WEB Adventure

It’s great and reminiscent of the other park’s Buzz Lightyear Blasters, but then it’s a little more of a workout. In a cart you are always driven to screens on which you see all kinds of robotic spiders coming towards you in an arcade game style. By moving your hands forward as if you were Spider-Man, you can take out the spiders and earn points. You can then compare scores with the other people in your cart, with a general scoreboard at the end of the attraction showing the highest team score of the day and of all time. A very cool attraction that you will be completely carried away by, although you will probably have completely paralyzed arms after a few hurdles. It shouldn’t spoil the fun.

PYM restaurant

Opposite Spider-Man is the PYM restaurant, which has everything to do with Ant-Man. In that film, our superhero keeps getting very small or very big and that often works out advantageously. In the restaurant we also see many things that are small and very big. Mini hamburgers are served with a salad with giant croutons. Very nicely done, and if you’re not into this creative food, you can at least enjoy the beautiful artwork that adorns the walls. A very nice restaurant, especially from the outside (see also the evening photo, when it looks a bit different).

Avengers Assembly: Flight Force

The other attraction is Avengers Assemble: Flight Force and it’s not for everyone. For example, you must be 1.20 meters and you must not be afraid of the dark or going over the head, because that is exactly what this rollercoaster does. The queue is already worth it, because the former Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster has been completely converted. The guitars have been replaced by a moving Iron Man who, together with Mrs Marvel, cooks up a fight that is then spectacularly invented on the roller coaster. Especially the beginning is fantastic, because you are launched in one go at lightning speed.

A real thrill ride, which also has a single rider row and Premier Access. Single rider means that you go alone in the car, next to a stranger (as a ‘filler’) and means that you don’t go with your party, but you can get your turn faster. Premier Access is a kind of VIP ticket that also puts you in a much shorter line every day at all Premier Access attractions.

Star Factory

If you have worked up an appetite from that wild ride, then you don’t necessarily have to go to PYM, because you can also visit the Stark Factory where you will be welcomed by a giant Hulkbuster that stands impressively in the middle of the eatery. In this restaurant you can eat Italian. Pasta and Mickey Mouse pizzas (yes, with ears). It’s a beautiful restaurant where even the soda machines are completely Marvel’esque. Very nice. You can also grab a quick bite at a food truck: there is a FAN-tastic Food Truck (Tony Stark’s favourite) and the WEB Food Truck (with Asian delicacies).

Children can go to the Hero Training Center for some wise superhero lessons and there are also a number of shows to watch, such as the Heroic Welcome, Warriors of Wakanda and of course the evening end show with no fewer than 500 drones. There is a lot to do on the Avengers Campus, especially if you have children with you. You can complete your stay with an overnight stay at the Hotel New York, which is filled with thousands of Marvel artworks. Great to see Disney embrace its purchase of Marvel so much in its parks all those years ago. It fits surprisingly well with the rest of what Disney has to offer and the new rides are very good additions to the Walt Disney Studios.

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