Ayurvedic remedies to soothe dry cough naturally

Dry cough or cough that doesn’t produce phlegm or mucus can be extremely troubling. According to experts, while there are no specific causes, a dry cough can get triggered due to allergies or annoyings.

As such, for relief, many tend to fall back on Ayurvedic remedies like drinking concoctions of turmeric, honey, and tulsi. However, according to Ayurveda expert Dr Mihir Khatri, these remedies are for wet cough or cough with phlegm.

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“In dry cough, these ingredients don’t work. In fact, it may even increase dry cough,” explained Dr Khatri in an Instagram reel.

So, what can you do for a dry cough?

According to Dr Khatri, one can apply a mixture of lukewarm mustard oil and salt over the chest and neck region.

One can also consume four pieces of cardamom with half spoon of rock sugar and half spoon of lukewarm desi cow ghee thrice a day till one gets relief. However, diabetics should avoid rock sugar.

Dr Khatri also stressed that chronic dry cough needs proper treatment as it’s curable.

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