Bard is Google’s new AI: here’s everything you need to know

Artificial intelligence has been around for the last few weeks and Google cannot stay behind. It recently came up with an AI that can turn text into music and now there is Bard, a kind of ChatGPT from Google. You can ask Bard anything and it will come up with answers on its own.

New AI from Google

As Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet says, “We refocused the company on AI six years ago. We see it as the most important way to achieve our mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and usable.” The company invests a lot of money in the development of artificial intelligence. So the latest announcement is Bard, an AI chat system powered by LaMDA, a language system Google introduced earlier.

Bard must combine the knowledge of the world with strength, intelligence and creativity through Google’s language models. It uses information from the internet to provide answers to your questions. For example, the sample video shows what Bard says when you instruct him to explain the discoveries of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old. In the first instance, Google indicates that it will keep it a bit small with a lightweight variant of LaMDA, which requires less computing power, but after that it is intended that more computing power will be added.

External feedback and internal tests

Google: “We combine external feedback with our own internal testing to ensure that Bard’s answers meet a high standard of quality, safety, and validity in realistic information. We look forward to this testing phase to help us learn further and improve the quality and speed of Bard.” In short, Google already indicates that the system is not yet perfect.

The search engine company thinks it’s a bull’s eye, such an AI chatbot. It says it sees people doing much more complex searches than they used to. You used to look for factual answers to questions like “How many keys does a piano have?”, but nowadays people want deeper insights, says Google.

Then they ask, for example: ‘Is the piano or the guitar easier to learn and how much practice do they need?’ The search engine must therefore answer a much more complex question than just a fact. It wants to fill that gap with Bard, which may one day become available in Google Search.

Reply to ChatGPT

At this point, Bard is still being tested by a small group, but it would be further made public in the coming weeks. It’s probably far from finished, as Google seems to be launching it mainly in response to ChatGPT. That is gaining ground so quickly that the alarm bells at the search engine giant would have gone off considerably in recent weeks. With Bard as a result, although Google has probably been working on this for much longer.

However, Google is somewhat hesitant when it comes to openly using a lot of AI, especially if it has not been tested to perfection. Partly for that reason, it is striking that it is already sharing Bard, while this is still in the test phase. Hopefully we can experience it for ourselves soon and Google will release more about the plans. Will it soon be just as free and openly available as other Google products, or will Google also do a ChatGPT and charge money for better access?

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