Bikash Khanna is ready for the new show ‘Coastal Curry’

In the new season of Twist of Tests, celebrity chef Bikash Khanna has discovered some more seafood.

Fishing nets and coconut trees, colorful people and scary stories, spectacular spices and multidimensional cooking. Celebrity chef Bikash Khanna is enjoying every bit of this hungry coastal cocktail in the third season of Fox Traveler’s Twist of Taste. In the latest version, he has been exploring food outside the normal rent “I personally like to work on shows that revolve around well-defined themes, as in this case, its coastal curry. Themes, in my opinion, have a strong reminiscence value, “says Bikash Khanna

For the show, Bikash Khanna visited many places along the coast – Udvada, Ratnagiri, Goa, Mangalore, Udupi, Manipal, Kochi and the sandy beaches of Pondicherry – where he met and greeted the locals, shared their satisfaction and then Came back. Kitchen and cook its version with a twist. Home chefs, chefs, farmers, fishermen, bakers, merchants, restaurants and chocolate makers not only share their food with him, but present him with their traditions and their life stories. Khanna said, “All these funny incidents, the mystery behind the timeless recipe, the little anecdotes… all inspire me to cook, and in the same way, pay homage to their dish with my own signature twist. He applied his ‘twist technique’ when cooking signature dishes from caramelized cucumber cakes to shrimp poha biryani to udupi sambar jar cakes. Even traditional dishes like ghee roast, duck roast, dried shrimp curry and old poli have been redesigned.

But it’s not just a twist and mix. Bikash Khanna has a strict rule when it comes to testing – “The dish that stays simple. Excessive combination only leads to confusion, and the idea here is to connect with Auntie and Mamiji. I like to toss food that is easily replicated even in my mother’s kitchen.” This is the foundation of my audience – they made me what I am today – and I can’t separate them, “he says.” The purpose is to inspire the younger generation to tune in. ” Inspiring, and not just presenting dal makhani on national television, ”he added.

Her simple conversational style adds a nice touch to the show when she goes looking for it and then recreates the grub. He likes to share his travels with visitors – whether he travels to Kerala in search of Kingfish or to the port of Kochi where he catches and cooks the best fish, which he calls “the best open restaurant near the sea”. ”, Or to his alma mater, in Manipal, the Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, where he failed in his second year and was later awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

His favorite episode in the series is where he meets a woman who makes the best poha and sells packets of it every day. “We all know Poha is flat rice, but I was curious to know how she does it. I wanted to know the technique, and was polite when I saw him hit the rice in his hand. It was a heart-warming episode, ”said Khanna, who then returned to his kitchen to make a shrimp biryani for Pohar. She is so fascinated with the stunning coastal landscape and foodscape that Khanna decides to publish a cookbook on coastal curry and food. Meanwhile, Khanna will tour in February and March with her two recent books, Return to the Rivers and Bliss of Spices.

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