Bizarre: Facebook reaches milestone of 2 billion users

Special news from Facebook: the social media platform has reached the milestone of 2 billion users. Meta announced that there have never been so many people on the social network as now. A record that is not necessarily expected.

2 billion people on Facebook

We don’t often hear people say: ‘Just put it on Facebook’. We often talk about Instagram. Nevertheless, Facebook is proving extremely popular. There are 2 billion people worldwide on the social medium. That is a quarter (!) of the entire population on earth. Meta itself came out with the figures, at the same time as the quarterly figures.

It does not stop there: Meta would also have more advertising income via Facebook. That is also true, because since the pandemic, companies have been able to find social media to do their advertising. Still, it is remarkable: Meta has been complaining a lot for a year because Apple has turned on a notification that gives people the choice whether or not they agree with third party tracking. If you give permission for this, third parties can learn more about what you do on Facebook. If they don’t know this (in other words, you don’t give permission), then it is a little less easy to advertise very specifically and Facebook loses income. He says 10 billion.

Advertising costs

Well, income is apparently getting enough from advertising costs, because they increased and Facebook does no harm. But the most amazing thing is those 2 billion people who are active on Facebook. It is not that these people log in once a month. No: these people can be found on Facebook every day. It’s a bizarre number. Although it must be said that it is not clear to what extent, for example, it also concerns people who are logged in to the company’s app by default.

In any case, it is a lot and if you count Instagram and WhatsApp, then it would even be about 3 billion people who use one of those social media every day. However, don’t forget that people often also use Facebook just to log into other apps. Many apps and websites offer that link, so the social medium is certainly not only used to post photos and texts.


Facebook’s figures look good: in the last quarter of 2022, turnover was 29.3 billion euros, which is more than it had predicted. In 2022, total revenue for Meta was $116.6 billion, which is slightly less than in 2021, when it was 1 percent more. Unfortunately, these fairly good numbers do not mean that the layoffs it announced will no longer take place. 11,000 jobs are still being cut to make savings. We are curious how this will affect, for example, the metaverse, a rather ambitious project that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team are busy with. Could there ever be 2 billion people there?

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