Saccharin trigger

Loaded has no promise of luxury; Not in its decoration. Wrong flowers, blind yellow walls and a glossy purple curtain that separates the seating area from the kitchen, it belongs to the 1990s Bandra. But once you put your bias aside for the surface, this new dessert cafe on Dr. Ambedkar Road can be a … Read more

Food story: Another national bird

Every day, millions of followers across the country visit their places of worship for comfort and sustenance for their souls and other, more earthly parts. Among them, there are other types of establishments – generic North Indian restaurants, where the worship of chicken (community “butter”) is at the top of the deity. Butter chicken and … Read more

Petals on my plate: What if I prick some flowers?

Pooja Dhingra, owner of Mumbai-based French patisserie Le15, shows off her latest creation on Instagram – Cherry Blossom Macaron. Inspired by his recent trip to Japan, where he saw sakura flowers blooming across Tokyo, Dhingra returned home with the idea. “I picked dried cherry blossom flowers and tea and garnished it to make macaroni,” said … Read more

Ride for your dinner

After more than 12 years in the retail industry, the sales mix wanted a change. After coming home to Delhi from Aurangabad in Maharashtra, he decided to venture into the food business and open a cafe with a beer and wine license, avoiding the fact that the liquor license is too expensive. “I realized that … Read more

India Shining

Gagan Anand (second from right) with his team. In a meeting with Gagan Anand late last year, the Thai-based chef of Indian descent rather unequivocally predicted that his Bangkok restaurant would be the best in Asia. Give the man a stuffed animal; She was right. At the S. Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (World’s Guide … Read more

Cook the perfect Holi snacks for guests

After a splash of color, mischief and some dancing, guests make a beeline for food at each Holi party. Plan convenient snacking options, which are properly cooked and presented in a colorful way. Hot and delicious snacks associated with Thandai, Jaljira, Masala Chach or traditional Masala tea will become a treat during Holi for fun … Read more

The palate is full

Spacious across an indoor and terraced dining area, the art bar, at first glance, doesn’t resemble your typical HKV hangout. Decorated with paintings and other object d’art, decorated with strips of light of different colors, the interior and exterior are a riot of color. Only runway-long bar counters, table-seat arrangements and vibrant commercial music from … Read more

Percy on my plate

In the last month of 2013, SodaBottleOpenerWala opened in Cyber ​​Hub, Gurgaon. An Iranian cafe, a tribute to the legacy of the Dead Cafe in Mumbai, Soda introduces Delhi to Persian food. Restaurant owner and owner Eddie Singh said, “We were going for an eclectic mix of Percy and Iranian food overlapping with Bombay street … Read more

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