Head up for the tail

Dog owners have a secret grief. No matter how hard they try, they can’t love like a dog – and no one encourages this guilt more relentlessly than a dog. Famous for their devotion and loyalty, dogs have a less-publicized aspect that involves staring, stalking and emotional blackmail. Now, they have a new appeal for … Read more

Summer recipe

Summer – when a home stove turns into its furnace, and when you don’t need to add salt to your food, if old Hindi movies are something to do (think anyone’s forehead sweats). As the air around us dries up, standing in front of the stove is rarely the norm in the state. We visit … Read more

Food Review: What to do

A flash of neon warns us about the presence of a new installation in our favorite dormitory, the Defense Colony. Passing the flickering light on the door, we come to a three-tiered place, lit with lamps, chandeliers and the neon mentioned above. Avoiding the roof in this frosty weather we settled on the first floor, … Read more

Food Review: The Price of a Trip

Lima is Chef Atul Kochhar’s latest test, the previous one at his restaurant NRI (not really Indian), also in BKC. Visiting Lima is a unique experience, one of the only restaurants in Mumbai that specializes in South American cuisine. Although we thought some of the food tastes weird, we appreciate the innovation, creativity and thought … Read more

Glass, half full: Doppio, South Mumbai’s new brasserie, worth a look at its drink menu, even if the rest evokes the feeling of Deja Vu

Doppio, which means a double shot of espresso, promises to be a new hip for the “elite SoBo crowd”. Although its attractive drink menu lives up to this promise and the food is good, the environment is clichd. What hurts the customer after the walk is Deja Vu’s feeling. The whole look is very chic … Read more

History with an Indian accent

The 200-year-old mansion is not easy to find, although the landmark is quite popular – Jame Masjid Thana. This is probably not the best place to imagine a smoggasboard of gastronomic pleasure but those who have been tempted by Matia Mahal, Karim, Al Jawhar and Dariba Kalan will be even more adventurous for the taste … Read more

Worth the Fuss

Located enviably in a private spot on Kasturba Gandhi Marg just off Connaught Place, the joke avoids traffic snarls with a valet service, a must on high-density streets. Spread over two floors, the interior of the cave, nevertheless, is the front yard which gives the joke the value of all the noise. The stone flag … Read more

As he likes

He is stubborn. If a dish he makes doesn’t work with his patrons, Kelvin Cheung will remove it from the menu instead of changing it. For example, while designing the menu for the new Bandra resto-bar, One Street Over, where he was heading to the kitchen, Cheung wanted to make something with corn and shrimp, … Read more

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