Chhavi Mittal shares tips for patients undergoing breast cancer surgery

The road to cancer treatment can be filled with anxiety and apprehensions for the patient, and understandably so. As such, to make the journey easier, Chhavi Mittal recently listed some essential pointers for those undergoing cancer treatment.

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Chhavi, who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, emphasized the importance of relying only on one’s doctor’s advice. “One piece of advice I want to give everyone who is undergoing surgery is that the only person you listen to is your doctor,” the actor said, in a video posted on Instagram.

While many have a tendency to look for tips on the internet or seek advice from other patients or cancer survivors, she recommends against doing so. “Your surgeon will decide what you need to do, what precautions you need to take, what things you can eat, what things you need to avoid, when you need to start doing mobility exercises and when you need to start doing physio. Ask these things to your doctor alone,” Chhavi said.

Explaining the reason behind consulting only one’s doctor about anyone else, the actor said that it is because everyone’s body and the parameters for treatment are different. “It’s because my doctor and my body are different. Your doctor, your body, your age, your symptoms and your surgery – everything is different. Only your doctor knows the best,” she said.

However, before concluding, Chhavi highlighted the significance of physiotherapy among cancer patients. “Do not underestimate it because, after any kind of surgery, you may feel fibrosis, you may feel lack of mobility, you may feel a lot of tightness in the area the surgery has been performed. If you continue to do physiotherapy as per your doctor’s guidance, you will only recover faster,” she elucidated.

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