Cloud streaming PS5 games: It’s finally being tested

We’ve been hearing for years that cloud gaming is becoming the thing, but at the same time we’ve also seen that Google Stadia, for example, has failed. Sony is now also getting more involved, namely by starting a test to stream PlayStation 5 games from the cloud.

Cloud gaming

With cloud gaming, there is no question of downloading the game to your device. The game runs on a server somewhere and the visual part is streamed to your device via the internet. In turn, your device takes care of your input, so the buttons you press are also sent via the internet to that server at lightning speed so that your character actually moves and fights in the game. So you need a very stable internet connection. Anyway, we certainly do have those in the Netherlands in general.

Back to Sony, which wants to offer PlayStation 5 games. It means you no longer need a PlayStation 5 to enjoy what that console brings in terms of games. Which titles Sony wants to make available for this is still unknown, but the fact that it will come is already very exciting. It comes a bit late: after all, it could have saved a lot of frustration for gamers during the corona shortages of PlayStation 5 consoles.

Only on PlayStation 5

At the same time, Sony would probably have sold a lot less PS5s. Plus, initially it is only for PlayStation 5, so the only advantage is that you no longer have to download games and therefore do not lose disk space on those games. And yes: on release you can play the game immediately, you don’t have to wait for downloads to be ready. Do you have a nice edge over the competition.

Not everyone gets access to those games in the cloud just like that. You have to purchase the most expensive PlayStation subscription for this: PlayStation Plus Premium. That subscription costs 17 euros per month. Cloud gaming has been possible within PlayStation for some time, but only older games from the earlier consoles PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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