Cook the perfect Holi snacks for guests

After a splash of color, mischief and some dancing, guests make a beeline for food at each Holi party. Plan convenient snacking options, which are properly cooked and presented in a colorful way.

Hot and delicious snacks associated with Thandai, Jaljira, Masala Chach or traditional Masala tea will become a treat during Holi for fun and enjoyment.

Here are some tips and tricks to serving the perfect Holi snack, as Chef Snow advises from McCain Foods Kitchen:

* Cook them properly: If the oil is hot enough and the food is not immersed in the oil for a long time, the oil penetration will be limited to the outer surface only. The correct frying temperature is in most cases between 175-190 degrees centigrade. Excessive heat should be avoided.

* Do not overfill the pan: Leave space around the food, it even helps to cook from all sides. Also, if you add too many foods at once, the oil temperature will drop and the food will absorb fat.

* Serve them light: Snacks are not a complete meal. These are basically appetizers that are made to increase your appetite and not to satisfy you. Chili garlic potato bites, spice fries and veggie nuggets are some of the foods that can be served.

* A colorful dish: Hungry people should look hungry and delicious. Use neon-rimmed toothpicks and small colored spoons to make snacks look more attractive.

* Keep your snacks bite-sized: Keep snacks bite-sized so that they can be easily lifted from the plate by both hand or toothpick.

* Time issues: Foods should be prepared as close to serving as possible to ensure the desired freshness and crispness, otherwise they may get wet.

* Use frozen foods properly: Products should be used directly from the freezer unless melting is required. Refrigerate the unused product quickly.

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