​Crime Summer – 8 cool crimes on NPO this summer

True crime, fictional crime: we love it. It appears from the Black Mirror episode Loch Henry: Netflix is ​​happy to make documentaries about intense stories with the most gruesome murders. But there are also people who care less about the gore than about the question: who did it? What about? NPO has designated the summer of 2023 as crime summer especially for those people.

Crimes on the NPO

Perhaps when you think of NPO you quickly think of the Miss Marples, Inspector Morses and Midsomer Murders of this world, but there are also much hipper crimes to be seen at the Dutch Public Broadcasting. This summer, the third season of the immensely well-reviewed Happy Valley, as well as the first season of The Capture and Redemption, can be seen on NPO Plus, the streaming service. You can also watch the series on television: they are on TV every day until August 25, for anyone who is less into binging. NPO Plus is also possible, the series are all there, but that costs 3 euros per month.

1. Happy Valley

Happy Valley has also ended up with the last season with the third season. The BBC series won two BAFTAs and revolves around a crime drama set in the Calder Valley. The series follows Detective Inspector Catherine Cawood who is head of the Yorkshire District and has grown quite entwined with her work. One day, however, a kidnapping takes place in Yorkshire, which quickly leads to a series of gruesome murders.


Grantchester is already in its seventh season and that is quite impressive. The series is therefore very cool: it is about a young pastor who is very popular in his hometown, Grantchester. The citizens tell him their deepest secrets, which serves his friend George Keating well. He is a detective and has to investigate a series of murders that have been committed in the region. How do his findings fit into the confessions of the citizens?

3. Redemption

Redemption is also a British series, because yes, the British are the kings of this genre. Colette Cunningham is a police inspector in Liverpool. Her daughter Kate was found dead in Dublin and she decides to work for the police in the Irish capital: this way she can learn more about her daughter, with whom she herself had not had contact for years. But: can a mother handle that?

4.Serial Lover

Serial Lover is very popular because the story is kind of out of step and that’s great: four women fall for a man who pretends not to be who he is: then he’s a journalist again, then he’s a surgeon again.. He’s only one thing, a con artist. The women team up to discover who he is and how to stop him.

5. Shetland

Shetland is in its seventh season and revolves around Jimmy Perez, an inspector who once again returns to the place where he was born and raised: the Shetland Islands. He leads an investigation into a murder in that region, but while searching for answers about the case, he also discovers some huge secrets from the past. This season marks Perez’s farewell.

6. Holding

Holding is set in Ireland. Nothing crazy ever happens in the village of Duneen, until human remains are found. Sergeant PJ Collins has to investigate, but the village is so enthralled by the case that all kinds of stories are doing the rounds: what is true and what is not? What big secrets are the residents walking around with? Nice detail: it is based on a book written by Graham Norton, the famous talk show host.

7. The Control Room

The Control Room is now in its first season on NPO Plus and it is about Gabe, an ordinary guest who is an emergency worker on the ambulance in Glasgow. However, he receives a phone call from a woman who says she knows him and that is the start of a lot of craziness in the life of this rather ordinary man.

8. The Capture

An incident in London: images seem to show that the ex-soldier Shaun Emery has done something criminal. Until Rachel Carey, a young detective, starts to unravel things. There is a conspiracy and no one should just believe everything they see, it turns out, in this very popular series. There is only one season left now, but it is already very cool and worth watching.

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