​Cute and scary: 5 remarkable robots of the moment

There are still few robots that can be seen in households, but they are widely used in companies. Packing robots, loading robots: there are many applications for robots in the business world. For the home they need to become even friendlier and more useful. There is a lot of development on robots: there are already hundreds of them. And recently a number of rather peculiar variants have been added. We name five.

ABB IRB 8700: in other words, a giant eye

This is a robot that is endearing and creepy at the same time. It is a gigantic eye that can even come to you. It was created by Dr. Madeline Gannon and the project is called Two Circles. The robot reacts to the movement of people and that is sometimes quite intimidating.

SoFi is a soft fish robot

If there’s one thing we still have a lot more to learn about, it’s the ocean. There is probably still a lot of undiscovered life there, besides the ocean can tell us a lot about global warming. SoFi is a robot fish created by MIT University in the United States. PhD student Levi Cai worked on this robot carp, which aims to better understand which organisms live in the water.

Parky helps charge electric cars

Parky is not that spectacular in appearance: it is a kind of box on wheels, but what he can do is very cool. The Evar company developed the robot, which is able to charge electric cars. For example, parking garages can be used in a smarter way, because there need not be special places for electric cars. Parky just drives up to the car. The disadvantage? It can’t fully load your car.

Clicbot is a crazy snake robot, if you will

Clicbot is a device that is already available on the market: it is a great concept, because it teaches children how to program. At the same time it is modular, so you can make a very long snake, but also a spider-like doll. You get 35 parts to make the robot, if you go for the most luxurious variant and then it’s up to you what you make of this robot. Enough inspiration in the trailer, anyway:

Disney’s skate robot can especially fall

Disney has made a friendly-looking skate robot, which you hardly see skating. He is especially good at falling in a very human way, thanks in part to motion capture. But he can also get up again with those skates, which is a very clever piece of programming and balancing work. Then again, almost no one does that.

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