Delft Hyperloop shows hyperloop pod: hyperloop network nearby

Delft Hyperloop has unveiled its hyperloop pod. It is a major first, because it brings Delft Hyperloop ever closer to creating a hyperloop network. That is important, because it will allow us (or goods) to travel at very high speeds, which can save a lot of time. A hyperloop is a kind of tunnel with air pressure that allows you to ‘slide’ through the tunnel very quickly.

Delft Hyperloop

Delft HyperloopDelft Hyperloop is the first student team to build a full, floating hyperloop and all eyes are on the team to come up with the next revolution in travel and transportation. Last year the team even became world champion during the European Hyperloop Week and hopes to do so again this year, which is why it unveiled the new pod.

The controversial Elon Musk came up with the plan to make hyperloops and that is why since 2012 there has been a lot of buzz around this technology, especially in universities. The idea is something like pneumatic tube, but on a large scale. For example, 30 to 50 people have to fit in a wagon and it is then ‘shot’ through the tunnel at high speed. After all, air pressure is used, which means that the colossus should move easily. That pod is the vehicle in which people take their seats.

Hyperloop technology

Last year the team also made a pod, but it can float completely and does not make contact with the track. This has the advantage that there is no resistance and you can shoot through that tube even faster. A new motor has also been developed that works with magnetic force. Ultimately, however, a team like Delft Hyperloop can only do so much: to ensure that we really travel with hyperloops, action is needed on a larger scale. European scale. Or maybe a substantial capital injection from Elon Musk, but that is already running in seven slots at the same time, so we consider that chance small. Moreover, the implementation of hyperloops requires a critical look at the infrastructure within our continent, and we need politicians for that.

Hyperloop technology is really cool. And advanced too. Many countries invest millions in the development of this technology. The idea of ​​Delft itself was also to open a hyperloop from 2030 that will take you from Amsterdam to Paris in half an hour. That would be fantastic, of course, but the hyperloop doesn’t seem to get off the ground very quickly, well. On the one hand, this is because it is a rather straightforward system: you can go from Amsterdam to Paris, but you cannot get off on the way. In addition, hyperloops work in miniature, but how do you keep that air pressure in a tube of 1,000 kilometers? Moreover, you still have to make and install those pipes completely.. if it ever succeeds, it will certainly not be before 2030.

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