Delhi Confidential: Rajiv Chandrasekhar is on a mission in Gujarat

In search of digital push success targeting youth before the Uttar Pradesh elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted his ministers to build his government’s initiatives for start-ups familiar with youth. The new mission – New India for Young India – has already been launched in vote-bound Gujarat, with Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar visiting universities to inform students about government programs and schemes. Chandrasekhar is on a two-day visit to the state to meet the students and is scheduled to visit four universities during the visit. The program is expected to create a buzz among students about new opportunities such as space and start-ups, and former chip designer Chandrasekhar is expected to generate interest among young people to become entrepreneurs.

Habitual crime

Hearing the bail application in advance, Justice Surya Kant, presiding over a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court, commented on how some accused go back to crime after getting bail. Recalling a “personal experience,” the judge said he has some farmland and a tubewell there. He said that one day the caretaker called and informed him that some of the copper extending towards the tubewell had been stolen. “I told him nothing could be done – you go and report to the local police. I went to court and he went to complain. And he said [the police] It is such and such land and stolen. The SHO first commented, he said, ‘What shall I do? Yeh Jo Chor Hai, Isko Parson Court Ne Release Kiya Tha. Isliye Carly stole Isne Aate Hi (the court had released her the day before, so she stole as soon as she came out). The bench had a heartfelt smile before refusing to seek relief.

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