DELTA Fiber now supplies 2 Gbps fiber optic internet

Two years ago, DELT Fiber started to upgrade its fiber network, in addition to connecting more and more villages, towns and rural areas. This week, the provider announced that the upgrade has now been completed throughout the Netherlands. This means that all 1.2 million addresses that are now connected to DELTA Fiber’s fiber optic network can now use an internet connection that offers up to 2 Gigabit (Gbps) upload and download speed.

Fastest fiber optic internet for consumers

As a result of this upgrade, DELTA Fiber is currently – until another provider passes by – the provider that supplies consumers with the fastest fiber optic internet connections in the Netherlands.

The technology used for this, called XGS-PON, can theoretically even deliver speeds of up to 10 Gigabit (Gbps). And with a small technological adjustment, it should even be possible to achieve 25 Gbps. In 2021, DELTA Fiber was the first telecom provider in the Netherlands to start rolling out this new fiber optic technology.

10 and 25 Gbps still in the future

It is not yet known when those speeds will become available to DELTA Fiber customers. But with 2 Gbps, you no longer have to worry about stuttering video or gaming streams or long waiting times when downloading movies and other huge files. Provided, of course, that the provider of those services also has sufficient capacity.

The European Commission wants everyone in Europe to have access to a gigabit connection by 2030. DELTA has therefore already achieved that target in the Netherlands ‘double and thick’.

“Gigabit speeds are the norm for us, offering unprecedented opportunities to transform our lives and work. This goes beyond just faster downloading or streaming – think of new applications in virtual reality, smart home devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare. We are convinced that the possibilities are endless,” says CCO Ludolf Rasterhoff of DELTA Fiber.

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