Do you want to create your own website or outsource it?

You just started a business and you want to make the world known that you exist. One of the best ways is to build a website. This ensures that people trust you sooner, because you can be found online. But, is it useful to do that yourself or is it better to leave it to others?

Open new business

Imagine you open a new bakery. First of all, you want to be present online. If people want to know your opening hours, they can find it. Of course you can only create a company within Google and fill in that information, but people are visually oriented. They want to see what they are buying, so as a baker you benefit from a website full of beautiful pictures of the delicious cakes, Instagrammable cookies and healthy sandwiches that you sell.

There are many tools to build a website yourself, but as useful as they are, they take a lot of time. Building a website takes a lot of time anyway, but especially if you have little experience in it, it will probably take you days. Outsourcing is then a bit more attractive, especially because you cannot outsource everything. For example, you will really have to start baking yourself and take the photos of those baking, so that the website builder has the input needed to make something beautiful out of it.

Have a webshop made

Moreover, you still have to make many decisions about the website yourself: if you want tabs on it, what should be on it? Plus, once you’ve had a website created, you may want to expand it and you’ll have to think about that for yourself too. Suppose your business is doing so well that you want people to have the option to order goodies online. You can then let professionals create your webshop. After all, there is more to it than with a simple website. Products must be created with all kinds of information about grams, allergens and what they are exactly. In addition, there are payment flows that have to run smoothly, so that the income from that shop does go to you.

It may sound far-fetched: do you really have to have an online presence as a local baker? Certainly. People are increasingly looking for opportunities to order something online from their lazy chair. We also rarely pick up the phone to make a call: everyone expects that kind of information to be available online. You want to be able to quickly look up online what the opening times are, whether the bakery sells a tompouce and what options are available for group orders. If your local competitor does and you don’t, then you probably already know which bakery the customer will choose.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Starting a new company is of course very busy: you want to have the time and attention for your customers, further refine your products and ensure that the money comes in. Yet it certainly offers added value to also invest that money in an experienced website builder, so that it is one less worry (and a lot of research) for you.

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