Elections: these apps help you make a choice

Tomorrow many residents of the Netherlands will be allowed to go to the voting booth again. We will have the opportunity to help determine which politicians will hold sway in the provincial councils and water boards in the near future. You may not like the elections at all, but it is important to keep this democracy alive.

Elections March 15

After all, the people who are ultimately chosen do have an influence on you. Think, for example, of how nice it is that there are bridges in the nature reserve where you always walk with the dog. Or that the highway is well maintained so that you can drive to work without breaking your car. Plus, there are plenty of polling places, so how much trouble is it? If you are not yet completely convinced whether you should vote or who, there are a few apps that can help you with that. We list them.


Snapchat has used its augmented reality arts again to appeal to young people to vote through a special election lens. They handled that nicely. It’s not just a face with GroenLinks makeup or a VVD moustache, but you have to use the back camera of your phone. You then place two voting clicks and receive statements about the elections, which teach you what those elections are actually about. And most importantly: what they have to do with you. You then have to swipe each statement in the ‘false’ click or the ‘yes’ click. Learned something again. And, once you have voted, there are all kinds of stickers to decorate your voting post.

The Poll

If you are someone who really wants to keep up with the polls, and maybe even decide to cast a different vote based on that, download the De Peiling app. This app is from EenVandaag and research agency Ipsos continuously provides updates on the state of the elections.


Instagram itself doesn’t do much with the elections, although there are of course always stickers to spice up your #stemfie. However, there is an account that is extremely helpful to follow. It’s called Checkjestem and in it you get to see all the statements and then which parties are for and against. It’s all pretty basic, but that’s actually nice, then it’s not about frills, but about the message. Plus, you can unfollow the account after the election (until the next time we head to the polls, of course).

Voting pointer

Although no voting guide is really perfect, because it always contains statements where it is unclear where you have to hand in, the one and only Stemwijzer is often a favourite. ProDemos made this app that is extremely helpful with national elections. Unfortunately, it is slightly less so in these elections: only the provinces of North Brabant, Limburg, Overijssel and Drenthe are included, but if you live there, you can use this guide to determine which political party best matches your standards and values ​​fit. Kieskompas is a bit more general, which you could also consider.


Don’t worry: NS will certainly not help you determine what to vote for, but it will help make voting easier. Polling stations are open at dozens of stations, often for quite a long time (between 8:30 AM and 9:00 PM). In the NS app you can see (only on election day) under Facilities which NS station has a polling station. Do check carefully which water board you are voting for, because those boundaries are different from those of the provinces.

Good luck with voting, don’t forget your voting pass and your passport / identity card / driver’s license.

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