‘Establishment Restaurant’ Food Review: Trading on Tradition

Restaurant interiors.

The recently established Establishment Restaurant on an upper floor of Meherchand Market is home to the older sister of Patissary and Bakery where the same building is located. From masonry jars filled with different pasta horls, strands and tubes to gently playing Roman love ballads, farafels and family pictures not to mention, hanging bright and cheerful against the white brick wall, give you a fair. Ideas about the type of food on offer. And indeed, in addition to a few greetings for the rest of the continent, the menu is essentially a classical composition of Italian, Jupes, Insalatas, Risotto, Pizza and Pasta. A simple, two-way thing, the menu still wishes us more antipathy on offer there. Perhaps, in due course.

Avoiding the more traditional bruschetta, we decided to chew an open sandwich. The Prosciutto e Formaggio has a warm hunk of farmer’s bread toast, garnished with ham and cheese. Pieces of bread, toothpick ham and gui cheese, tied together by a roasted tomato sauce, set our palate free for the upcoming Roman feast.


Since the moon is in the sky, we should get a big pizza pie. The Smokin Hot !! Comes with a Sicilian thin crust, pepper flakes with pimento peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms and garlic tomato base. Light on the stomach, yet heavy on the palate, it will make you feel better.

Pasta Alla Carbonara in contrast to the cream. The roughly chopped raspberries of bacon and al dente are mixed with ripe cream cheese sauce with dried rosemary and oregano. Rolling fork, open mouth, eat, repeat, until the ceramic bowl is cleaned and retains its former primitiveness. Speaking of scraping clean, after all the faces of Italiano, we want some good English. And so the dessert is the Banofi Pie Jar, which gathers at the bakery below and hurries to us. We return a trivial layer of brown banana, a thick coat of caramel, and a slight layer of cream lashes, of course, benefits and polish. At all record times.

Meals for two: Rs 2,000 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)

Address: 96, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, Delhi Contact: 9999516755

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