Eurovision Song Contest 2023: the best tweets and hackers

The Eurovision Song Contest was actually won by Ukraine last year, but due to the war, that is not the country where the event is held. Our television has us traveling tonight to Liverpool in Great Britain, where the 30 million euro event lands.

A wonderful party

Here, after the two semi-finals earlier this week, 26 acts will compete against each other. While some people say they find it interesting from a political point of view, most people just think it’s a wonderful feast of flashy outfits, crazy beats, fake screams and complicated camera angles. By the way, do you want to get everything out of it? Then here are a few handy apps to attend the wonderful party even better.

We see a lot of female acts this year. The songs that are often mentioned as winners are Tattoo (by Loreen, who won the Eurovision Song Contest before for Sweden) and Unicorn by Israel, although given the political developments it will not surprise us if a more combative song wins, such as My Sister’s Crown by Czech Republic.

Here are the acts you can expect:

1. Austria

Artist: Teya & Salena
Title: Who The Hell Is Edgar?

2. Portugal

Artist: Mimicat
Title: Ai Coração

3. Switzerland

Artist: Remo Forrer
Title: Watergun

4. Poland

Artist: Blanka
Title: Solo

5. Serbia

Artist: Luke Black
Title: Samo Mi Se Spava

6. France

Artist: La Zarra
Title: Evidence


Artist: Andrew Lambrou
Title: Break A Broken Heart

8. Spain

Artist: Blanca Paloma
Title: Eea

9. Sweden

Artist: Loren
Title: Tattoo

10. Albania

Artist: Albina and Familja Kelmendi
Title: Dude

11. Italy

Artist: Marco Mengoni
Title: Due Vite

12. Estonia

Artist: Alice
Title: Bridges

13. Finland

Artist: Käärijä
Title: Cha Cha Cha

14. Czech Republic

Artist: Vesna
Title: My Sister’s Crown

15. Australia

Artist: Voyager
Title: Promise

16. Belgium

Artist: Gustav
Title: Because Of You

17. Armenia

Artist: Brunette
Title: Future Lover

18. Moldova

Artist: Pasha Parfeni
Title: Soarele si luna

19. Ukraine

Title: Heart of Steel

20. Norway

Artist: Alessandra
Title: Queen of Kings

21. Germany

Artist: Lord of the Lost
Title: Blood & Glitter

22. Lithuania

Artist: Monika Linkyte
Title: Stay

23. Israel

Artist: Noa Kirel
Title: Unicorn

24. Slovenia

Artist: Joker Out
Title: Carpe Diem

25. Croatia

Artist: Let 3
Title: Mama šč!

26. Great Britain

Artist: Mae Muller
Title: I Wrote A Song

The best tweets about the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

We’ve done enough informative now, time for the best tweets about the European Song Contest 2023 (and yes, we’re also including a few from earlier this week, just because we don’t want to keep them from you):

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