Florence Pugh applauds back in her sexist remarks about her latest appearance: ‘Why are you so scared of breasts?’

Florence Pug, who recently chose a sea-thru gown for Valentino’s haute couture show in Paris, knew there would be a “comment” on the dress. And she proved right when a certain section of people embarrassed her for having “tiny tits” and “flat books”.

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Addressing the ‘obscene’ comment, the Little Women star wrote a long post to protect her body and the “incredible Valentino dress”, writing: “There was no way to comment on it. Whether it was negative or positive, we all knew we What I was doing. I was excited to wear it, I wasn’t nervous for a moment. I wasn’t there before, I didn’t have time, I wasn’t after now … “

“What was interesting to see and testify was how easy it was for men to completely destroy a woman’s body, openly, with pride, for everyone to see,” he added.

Noting that this is not the first or last time that a woman has been physically embarrassed, the 26-year-old writes, “The concern is how obscene some of your men can be. Fortunately, I have come to terms with the complications of my body that make me, myself. I am happy with all the ‘mistakes’ I could not bear at the age of 14. “

“Many of you aggressively wanted to let me know how frustrated you are at seeing my ‘little tits’, or how embarrassed I should be to be so ‘flat-breasted,'” he added.

Asked about the concerns around the breasts, the black widow actor wrote, “There are more concerns. Why are you so afraid of breasts? Small? Big? Left? Right? Just one? Maybe no one? What. Is. So. Scary. “

Florence said she was “grateful” for growing up with “very strong, strong, curvy women” and noted that “my goal in this industry has always been to say‘ f-it and f ’whenever anyone expects my body. To make an opinion about what is hot or sexually attractive

The star says those who still shame women ‘loudly’ in 2020 will “grow up”.

“Grow up. Respect people. Respect the corpse. Respect all women. Respect people. Life will be a lot easier, I promise. And because of all the two beautiful little nipples …, “she concluded the post.

The Dont Wari darling actor turned his head on Friday when he joined Valentino’s Haute Couture show in a hot pink dress. The actor chose to be shameless in a dress that fully exposes her nipples.

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