Food Review: Surprised by Taste

Spread on the top two levels of a building, Molecule enjoys a remarkable view of the worldly pleasures of Gurgaon (read several food and beverage stores). The space is huge, and while the molecule is present everywhere, there is an intriguing combination of a martial theme in contrast. Steampunk-style guns are racked across one wall, while one Dr. Doom-Esc mask is adorning the other. Model WWII fighter planes hang scattered around, while the trivial aspects of battle punctuate each page of the menu.

Speaking of menus, the wedding of Indian street food here is a variety of cooking techniques, the least of which is not scientific. The restaurant will soon make its own beer and will have plenty of molecular mix.

The menu combines Indian street food with a variety of cooking techniques

We start with molecular pucca shots, air bread and re-decontact basket licking. The five test tubes of fluke or round gossip, which we call emphatic, come with water of different flavors, ranging from hot to litchi, and are kept in a beaker, while the sant and chutney come in huge syringes, all surrounded by nitrous clouds, emanating from the beaker. This is his best DIY. It comes with airbread, feathered light and almost cloud-like texture, topped with chicken marinated in Indian cuisine and blended with the purity of cheese; It is dotted with green pepper caviar for a final kick, which is unfortunately missed, due to the preserved flavor of the tiny globules.

Our favorite food is Baby Mutton Sikh Kebab Puffs, nicely made small parcels, wrapped in tender pieces of meat; We can eat it every day. Meanwhile the chaat is assembled at the table, the altar is presided over by a chef equipped with nitrogen chillers, foam and other equipment, which is now de Rigur for installations of this nature. It contains flash-frozen winter berries, excluding the usual attire of chaat, with plenty of yogurt in various textures; Although the chat tastes the same outside the street.

Then there’s the iconic iconic chicken Shawarma burger. A juicy chicken thigh surrounded by jatara and sumak and garnished with pickles and grated lettuce. It is made into bread in parsley mayonnaise, a raw cashew and toasted buns with sajiki and fry and onion rings. We soldiers and the last piece fight it.

Dessert is Gulab Jamun Karpakio Cheesecake, it is a perishable food as it sounds. The round sleeves of the rose jamun come in layers on top of a biscuit, dripping with chocolate icing and dusting with pesto, all together making it sweet for the sweet tooth. Which we are lucky.

Meals for two: Rs 2,000 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)

Address: SCO 53, 4th Floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon. Contact: 0124-33105241

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