Food Review: What to do

A flash of neon warns us about the presence of a new installation in our favorite dormitory, the Defense Colony. Passing the flickering light on the door, we come to a three-tiered place, lit with lamps, chandeliers and the neon mentioned above. Avoiding the roof in this frosty weather we settled on the first floor, first calling for our courage to pass through the transparent glass pans that serve as the floor.

The cuisine here serves the Indian, Continental, Oriental and Fusion sections for the crowd, which has become so ubiquitous in the menus around the city. There is also an obvious tendency towards mushrooms; Mushrooms, er… mushrooms on all menus, in different sizes, both as individual food and as supporting members. There is good news for more Bachanalians among us: the list of wines is long and fairly reasonable. A cocktail, and we saw some interesting things, a tipple starting from 255 rupees. The music is really good, but out of place. The DJ obviously has skills in electronic and bass heavy music and he should show them in a club, not in a dining room. No one knows how to chew or chew one’s head.

We start with a mushroom dish, as we clearly expected, a Taiwanese pepper mushroom and home ball shot. The mushrooms are germinated first, glazed with hoesin and dotted with sesame seeds. Smoked with pepper and powdered pepper, a lot is happening around the same time, according to taste, but it’s all good, especially when we sample our next course. Notice we didn’t say last. This is because the nest is very uncomfortable, it has large oblique balls of odorless fish, dotted with tired, not tired, dried mango cubes. The accompanying coconut milk sauce does nothing to improve the situation, our appetite sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Once we were finally able to get our server’s attention, we moved on to our next course, playing safely with grilled chicken leg with perry and herb sauce. The meat is a trivial solid, but a creamy sauce is made with lemon, pepper and garlic; It upholds Anthony Bourdain’s claim that one ounce of sauce covers many sins. Still, there is nothing to write home about it.

The dessert selection is largely derivative, seemingly inspired by other restaurants, and we choose the one with the most unusual sound. Also because we can’t really tell what it is: chocolate walnut names with vanilla ice cream. What we see on our plates is basically chocolate and hazelnut-filled spring rolls, served with ice cream
And chocolate sauce. So at least we end up with a sweet note.

Meals for two: Rs 2,000 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)
Address: 10, Defense Colony Main Market, Defense Colony; 33107864

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